Indulge In An Adult Sleepover

One of the joys of being a child is having sleepovers with friends. Why should we let the kids have all the fun? You can organise your very own adult sleepover with a friend. I did this recently and had a blast!

Here’s why you should consider having an adult sleepover.

1. Deepen a relationship

We often spend only an hour or two with our close friends. Usually it’s over a meal, and one or both have to rush off to other appointments. There’s so little time to catch up that we yak non-stop.

A sleepover gives us much more time to unwind in each other’s company. Closeness grows in the silence, when you’re comfortable enough not to have to talk all the time. And that hour before we nod off at night can give rise to truly intimate conversations.

2. Laugh yourself silly

Seeing our friends in sleeping attire is good for a few laughs. My friend giggled non-stop for two minutes when she saw mine (sorry, no details available!) Laughing together is good for your friendship, and also your health.

3. Change your routine

Sleeping over at a friend’s is almost as good as going away on a vacation, only much cheaper. You get to use someone else’s bathroom and sleep in a strange bed. Also, you get to learn your friend’s bedtime routine. These small details make us more real to each other.

4. Go where the conversation leads

There is no time pressure for either of you to be off anywhere. You won’t need to keep eyeing your watch, and can focus on your conversation. There is room to meander and talk less about day to day activities, and more about things that really matter.

5. Get real together

Life doesn’t get more real than seeing each other with messy hair and bleary eyes in the morning. The married ones already know this! A sleepover removes all privacy for that one morning. You may learn a thing or two about each other you never knew before.

6. Create joyful memories

One night can create joyful memories for a lifetime. You’re likely to remember this sleepover for a long time, compared to the many short meals you have together. One day, you can look back with joy and thankfulness that you had friends crazy enough to have adult sleepovers with you.

Start with just one adult sleepover

I had so much fun with my first sleepover that I started to organise more. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and you’ll remember why kids love sleepovers so much. They’re fun!

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4 replies on “Indulge In An Adult Sleepover”

Ohh… such a lovely idea, Daphne ! Made me have nostalgic memories of my hostel days … sleepovers in one anothers’ rooms !! And those endless chatting! Recently ( after quitting my job), I had stayed for a few days at the residence of a friend elsewhere – their children are away; only the husband and wife are there. Cann’t tell you how much fun it was just to sit around and chat away to glory till mid-night !!(despite the fact that friend’s hubby was returning from office around 10 pm)

Actually, it makes a lot of sense to keep on renewing valued relationships and enjoy life in simple ways as much as possible . Great post.

Hey, someone else who doesn’t find the idea ridiculous! Thanks for the thumbs up, Snigdha. It’s true that simple pleasures are to be had anytime we want, free of charge, and yet we omit these because we’re too ‘grown up’ now.

I too love the feeling of just chatting about anything you want to, without one of you saying “I have to go now” because there’s nowhere to go to, except bed when you’re ready. It’s really funny when the conversation ends because there’s no reply as the other person has fallen asleep!

I love this idea! My best friend used to leave several hours away, and we often planned sleepovers because of the drive time. But recently she moved back, and we have let the sleepovers fall by the wayside … but reading your article today reminded me of how fun that was. Our kids enjoyed it and so did we! I think I’ll talk to her about doing it again soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

Gosh, I’m glad someone else has experienced how fun this can be. Thanks for the comment, Tammie, and enjoy your next sleepover! I’m looking forward to planning one again soon.

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