Be A Lofty Love Goddess: Regain Your Self-Worth

Are you one of those women who goes completely ga-ga when you fall in love? You morph from a sensible, rational, respectable woman into a panic-stricken, blabbering, drivelling mess? Well, it’s time to morph back. Pick up the shreds of your self-esteem from all over the floor. It’s time to be a lofty love goddess and regain your self-worth.

Know that you are a love goddess

1. You were born to be worshiped and adored

Notice how grown adults get down on their knees to look at babies in strollers. The baby didn’t have to jump out of its pram to beg for attention. It naturally attracts adoration. You were that baby once. You were just yourself and worth people’s attention.

Nothing has changed except that you’re a little older. Yet somehow your self-esteem got left behind as you grew up. You are still a beautiful and fascinating creature. Sit back, relax, and bask in that knowledge. Remember, the word that comes to mind when people see you should be ‘cute’, not ‘pathetic’.

2. You have better things to do in life

Your happiness cannot depend on whether or not a man calls. While you’re waiting for the phone to ring, he’s probably sound asleep or busy watching TV. Being a man, he doesn’t realise that a woman can sepnd hours staring at a silent phone. They don’t live their life like that, you see. And you shouldn’t either.

Instead of waiting by the phone, do something that’s good for you. Exercise, meditate, learn a new skill. Even better, travel by yourself and see the world. If he’s really into you, he’ll still be around when you return. And he’ll realise he misses you. And if he doesn’t, at least you found out early and can move on to someone better.

3. You are part of a divine sisterhood

The wonderful thing about girlfriends is that they’ll listen, sympathise, see at your dumbest, and love you anyway. They are the ones you want to make a fool of yourself in front of, not the guy you are trying to impress. Plus, men come and go but girlfriends are always there for you, and they deserve your time much more than your latest crush does. Oh and even if you have a man in your life, you should still hang out with your girlfriends.

4. Take care of yourself

Instead of sitting at home torturing yourself with “he loves me, he loves me not” sessions, do the things that will make you easy to love. Go for a run or a swim everyday, to get yourself in great shape over the next few weeks. Update your hairstyle and wardrobe. Practise yoga. Do a manicure or pedicure yourself or pay someone to do it. Facials, massages and spa treatments also count.

You’ll feel and look great if you take care of yourself. If your guy asks you out again, you’ll feel attractive and have a great date. If he doesn’t, you’ll look great for whoever comes next. And if no one else comes along soon, you’ll look great anyway, just for yourself.

5. Socialise

There is more than one man in the world. If your guy is not paying you the attention you deserve, there’s nothing to stop you from meeting other people. Join a class, go to the gym, browse in libraries, attend parties, take tennis lessons. Just get out there and meet people.

For one, it’ll give you something to do instead of staring at the phone and clock. Secondly, you may learn something new and you never know when that may come in useful. Thirdly, you’ll feel less desperate when you realise that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t hear from him again.

Now go do what a love goddess does

If you’ll do these things, you’ll exude the irresistible aura of a woman who’s confident of herself and happy with her life. Men are drawn to this type of woman. Everyone is. Even you will like yourself better.

As a lofty love goddess, you won’t be bothered whether or not your phone ever rings again, because you’re too busy being divine to care about the affections of a mortal man.

And the funny thing is, once you act like the love goddess you are, love will find you.

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