Do-It-Yourself Joy: Making Your Own Joy

Today I repaired a shower grip that had come loose, instead of simply buying a replacement. This small act saved me a few dollars, and brought a disproportionately large surge of joy. I think the joy came from knowing that I was in control of my life. I had found do-it-yourself joy.

Do it yourself joy, and other areas of your life

1. Do-it-yourself happiness

I used to think that other people could make me happy. This put undue pressure on my relationships and led to many disappointments. Once I accepted that I was responsible for my own happiness, I experienced joy everyday.

2. Do-it-yourself success

Some people seem to have all the ‘luck’. But I’ve come to realise that people work very hard for their luck.¬†Success is not bestowed on us. It has to be earned. If you are willing to work harder than the next person, you can make your own success in your chosen field.

3. Do-it-yourself relationships

Many of us were brought up on fairy tales. One day we (the beautiful princess of our life) will meet a prince and live happily ever after. We are therefore devastated when real life doesn’t follow that script, and learn the hard way that relationships take work.

Obviously there is another person involved in a relationship. It’s ideal if this person is willing to work on the relationship as well. Still, marriages have been turned around because just one party was willing to work on it, even when the other party had given up.

4. Do-it-yourself health

We now have information on health at our fingertips. Read articles about staying healthy and follow their advice. Take supplements, exercise regularly, and get enough rest.

5. Do-it-yourself Life

Life itself is the ultimate do-it-yourself project. You can outsource your health to your doctor, your marriage to your spouse, your career success to a consultant, your faith to a church, and your happiness to a counsellor. But life is the one thing you cannot delegate.

Do-it-yourself joy: it’s is in your hands

For an amusing read on making your own happiness, get Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster).

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4 replies on “Do-It-Yourself Joy: Making Your Own Joy”

Thanks Evita!


Sorry to hear about the lost post. I hate it when that happens to me so I know how you feel.

Yes, if we wait for others to do something for us, we could wait forever and feel incredibly frustrated in the meantime!

Do you know the song by John Lennon with the line “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”? Sometimes I feel that way and have to remind myself to stop and just savour the life I have now.

I just wrote a post and then lost it! Really wanted to say your resolution to make every day count is so important, and you’re so right that its the sum of the unspectacular moments that make up life. That feeling of doing something for yourself is also great isn’t? In your case just getting on and fixing something rather than waiting for someone else to. Likewise the same applies about making your own happiness – if you wait for others to do this for you, you can often be waiting a while …!

Hello Daphne!

I am so humbled and happy that you are enjoying Evolving Wellness! Thank you so much for including it in your write up!

Speaking of personal health – today it is so true we have so much information at our finger tips and can be so empowered if only we choose to. No longer do we have to rely on doctors and the media to tell us one side of the story. Today we can get to know anything and everything we want and need to help us treat, but more importantly prevent many unnecessary conditions.

By the way you have a wonderful site!!!

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