Feng Shui and Your Love Life

After my post on using feng shui to attract wealth, a reader asked me if we can use feng shui for improving relationships. The answer is yes. Feng shui and love are very compatible!

Practical feng shui for love

If someone walked into your home and bedroom, would it be obvious that the place was set up for a couple? Or does your home scream “bachelor pad” at every turn? If you already have a partner, check that your home is conducive for both of you.


  • Replace your single bed with a double bed
  • Both sides of the bed should be as equal as possible, eg pillows and reading lamps on both sides
  • The bed should be accessible from both sides
  • Ditch fluorescent lights for soft yellow bulbs
  • Use candles or essential oils, even when you’re sleeping alone, to create an atmosphere of romance


  • Make space for a second car in the garage or outside the house
  • Have a spare set of house keys readily available
  • Arrange chairs in pairs at right angles so you can see the person’s profile, but not head-on in a confrontational position
  • Furnishings should be soft and inviting, eg love seats or sofas for two to make another person want to be around.

Symbolic feng shui for love

Our thoughts create our reality. If you want a loving relationship with a partner, set up your home to remind you of this, so that your subconscious can get to work creating the actual relationship you are seeking.

  • Display items in pairs eg candles and cushions. A pair of mandarin ducks in wood or metal is a good feng shui decoration
  • Tables and mirrors should be oval or round as far as possible, avoiding the sharp ‘cutting’ corners or squares or rectangles.
  • Avoid images of single figures, sad faces and broken hearts. Choose images of couples and love

Your relationship areas

These practical and symbolic tips should be especially applied to these areas of your bedroom and home. These are the special places when you are alone with your partner, or that you’d like to share with someone special.

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41 replies on “Feng Shui and Your Love Life”

Know that feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi

Hi Daphne,

They look wonderful to me, however I can not put all of them into practice. Maybe I can try some of them if possible.
Thanks for the tips. 🙂

Hi Arswino,

No pressure to put any of these into practice. I resisted and forgot about these tips for years, and still survived 🙂

Hi Daphne. Loving this series! You know, it occurred to me while reading this (as a swinging single) and with no current romantic interests, that many of these tips can be conducive to “loving yourself”; one of the best ways to attract a loving partner, I believe.

Hey Davina,

Glad to have a swinging single buddy in you. Yes key to all this is loving ourselves, because of the aura that creates that attracts people to us. Bottoms up to self-love, my blogging and single buddy!

Hi Jocelyn,

All the fengshui guides I’ve read say that water features don’t belong in the bedroom, so I suppose it’s true. I think the rationale is either that water features like fish tanks are too yang because of the life energy in them, whereas the bedroom should be yin for resting. The other reason I’ve read is that the water may ‘wash’ away the good chi in the bedroom.

Hi Stacey,

It’s fun to decorate house, whether we use feng shui tips or not! Glad you found the points easy to digest, since fengshui can come so close to superstition sometimes.

Hi Daphne .. interesting ideas and everyone’s comments are so apposite. I have to say I feel better with a decluttered existence. Some of the things I can do and do do .. but the south west area and to the right of the front door .. are in the half of the house that was sold off before I bought my bit!! So I have a few problems there .. never mind, when I move in the future I can make a plan!

Thanks – good thoughts –
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters


Feng shui isn’t for everyone. I knew about it for years before I overcame my skepticism and explored it in more detail. Also, I think the southwest would refer to the part of the house you’re living in now, rather than the whole house or building. Again, no need to take all this too seriously, as long as the important parts of your life are in order, which from your blog sounds like they are!


Interesting experience you’ve had. Try displaying a pair of birds or such in your car or home and let me know how your love life goes! 😉


I’ll sell you my pair of wooden ducks, guaranteed to bring eternal bliss, deepest love, and thousands of children and grandchildren, all for the lucky price of $88! 😉


The more I read your posts on the subject, the clearer it becomes to me that consciously arranging living space is so important. I tend to just throw things together randomly. But I’ve been looking at things in a new light after reading your series. A lot to take in – but very worthwhile! Thank you


I like the way you phrased this: “consciously arranging living space is so important”. This could sum up the whole practice of fengshui. I used to arrange things randomly too, and really liked the results when I experimented with fengshui.

Hey PP (may I call you that?),

Good to know that you intend to try out some of these tips this weekend. I’ve already implemented some of them, and the best impact is on my state of mind. Have fun!


Great suggestion to create a vacuum, and you’re right that this is probably more important than any furniture arrangement or decoration we can dream up. Clearing up clutter, both in our homes and in our hearts, is certainly the first step in creating room for everything else.


I like these tips because they’re so logical and make rational sense. Good to know your home is set up in a fengshui way, whether or not it matters!


You were together so long probably for many reasons, most important of which is your personal commitment. It’s nice to think that perhaps fengshui played a small role too!

Hi Roger,

Some of this is really common sense, isn’t it? There’s more to fengshui that doesn’t sound like common sense at all, and I don’t know or believe enough to write about that other stuff.

I can attest to the power of Feng Shui to bring about relationship bliss. I cleaned up the energy in my home and about two months later, the love of my life appeared. (I’d been waiting for him for quite awhile!) One other tip I like is to use the color red to neutralize “problem” items. For instance, I have an a/c in my bedroom window (which is where my relationship gua is located). Rather than have a frosty love life, I added two red hearts to it (cut out of paper). This stuff works!


That’s a lovely example, thanks for sharing! And I’m happy that you’ve found the love of your life, and are convinced that fengshui played a part. Putting the two hearts on your a/c was a clever idea. I might try that myself…

Hi Daphne,
This is all so interesting. In some ways, I’ve got it…and in other ways – there’s so much more I can do to really set the mood. The idea of pairs of things – I think this is great (and somewhere I can improve greatly). Thanks much for this Daphne…

Hey Lance,

You seem to be doing fine in your life, with or without fengshui. I wouldn’t worry about pairs of things too much. I’m trying out the ideas myself and will know soon if they work!

Way to get jiggy with it!

I don’t know if it’s Feng Shui, but don’t forget the mood music … “bow wow chicky chicky bow wow.”

Feng Shui just always sounds practical and I like how you outline the key things. Yes, figures of happiness over broken hearts sounds like the way to go.


Definitely remember the groovy mood music! 🙂 Feng shui is practical up to a point, which is where I stopped. It does go on to sound a lot like superstition when you get down to the nitty gritty and I don’t understand that enough to write about it.

Hi Daphne,

I’ve read a little on Feng Shui and find it quite fascinating. After reading this post it reminded me of a story I read of woman who “made room” for when a man would enter her life, including making room for a second car in the garage, room in the closet, and she began sleeping on one side of the bed instead of the middle. Magically, (or not) she met someone and soon was a married woman. Hmmmm! Feng Shui in action? Maybe.

Hi Barbara,

I remember reading that story before, and recalled it when I wrote this post. A lot of this has to do with our state of mind and I guess doing all that made her think and act in a way that was conducive to attracting a partner? Truly fascinating.

Hi Giovanna,

Now you’ve got me curious as to what changes you’re going to make! Enjoy the adjustments 🙂

I will definitely keep this advice in mind for after we relocate. Right now, I’m working on keeping our bedroom clutter free which is so much more relaxing and restful than the alternative!


Any room free of clutter is so much more relaxing and restful, and the bedroom of all places is the one we spend a lot of time resting in, so perhaps the most important room to de-clutter.

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