Pub Quizzes: Gain Knowledge By Drinking Beer

Recently I learnt about pub quizzes. You go with some friends, form a team, drink beer, and try to answer questions. Kind of like Trivia Pursuit, but with alcohol.

Why you should try pub quizzes

1. Stretch your horizons

Do something different to keep your brain firing off new synapses and henve staying young. Try out something new, see what’s out there, just take a break from your usual routine.

2. Expand your social circle

You’ll get to meet other people who are vaguely intelligent since they’re there to take part in a quiz. If you’re going with friends, invite each person to bring another friend so you can meet new people.

3. Increase your general knowledge

Questions usually cover a range of topics including history, politics, sports, and entertainment. Even if you can’t answer a single question, you’ll learn something along the way.

4. Get discounted drinks

The pub I went to had a 50% discount on beers on quiz night. If you like beer, what other reason do you need?

5. See how smart your friends are

There’s quite a lot of luck involved depending on the questions asked, so it’s not a good gauge. Still, you may learn a little about what kind of knowledge your friends have. Don’t forget it cuts both ways – they’ll get to see how much you know too!

6. Win a prize

Sometimes there are prizes for the top three teams. These could be food vouchers or even cash.

7. Have fun!

Even if you don’t win at anything, it’s a fun way to spend an evening. Better than the movies because there’s so much interaction, and more educational than just drinking beer and yakking.

8. Support a local business

Businesses need our support right now. Especially smaller, independently owned and run outfits. If you were planning to have a beer anyway, consider supporting a local pub.

Find pub quizzes near you

Find out if a pub near you has a quiz night, and go just once to see what it’s like. If you like it, you can make it a routine and learn something on a regular basis. If you decide this is not for you, at least you got out for one night and experienced something new.

Bottoms up!

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