How Does Your Life Script Read?

Just for fun, here’s my reversible life script.Β  Read it the normal way, then scroll back up and read it in reverse when you reach the last line.

How do I want to live?

Think deeply

My thoughts and words create my reality

Speak gently

Take every opportunity to say “I love you”

Love much

Create joyful moments with those you love

Laugh a lot

A balanced life embraces both work and play

Work hard

Partake of and share the abundance of the earth

Give freely

I have been blessed and will bless others

And be kind

I will remember to love myself

(now scroll back up and read the lines in reverse order)

Your life script?

Now, my little piece may not win the Nobel prize in literature, but it did force me to think more about the way I want to live.

Many people who came face to face with death said that their life flashed before them. As we play back our whole lives, what will it look like? Will my life look better when viewed in reverse, from the end?

If you feel up to it, pick a theme and see what you can come up with, even if it’s just a few lines. Write it in the comments section!

If you want to take this exercise more seriously, check out Scripts People Live. This book examines how a negative life script leads to disastrous consequences, and shows how to re-write your life script to a achieve a happier, more meaningful life.

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52 replies on “How Does Your Life Script Read?”

Hi Patricia,

Wow, thanks for taking up the challenge. My script wasn’t positive-negative too, just positive-positive so it’s ok this way too.

I really like the first two lines especially of your script because both ways they read so well: The wiser I know, the less I know that I know. And the less I know that I know, the wiser I grow. I love this!

Thank you so much for this enriching comment, Patricia.

Hi. I loved the video, very creative idea. I know this is late but here goes anyway. I have never done anything like this before. I liked the challenge.

The wiser I grow,
The less I know that I know.
Life isn’t about growing old.
Life is about growing wise.

I know that neither way is negative but it is what came to me as I was thinking about your article.

I’m glad it was a joyful day for you, which makes it a joyful day for me!

Really glad to have you on this site, Carlota! πŸ™‚

Hi Carlota,

Welcome to Joyful Days, and thank you for leaving a fantastic first comment! Your script reads perfectly both ways – negative and positive. This is an excellent effort! It’s also in line with your blog name “Sqoosh Your Inner Critic”. I love this title!

Thank you for this comment, Carlota.

Thanks so much Daphne!
I really enjoyed this video (and your script!)

You have a lovely blog, I am definitely vibing the joy from it!

@Very Evolved,
Thanx for posting your script! It helped me create my own…

When you get criticized

Stop Creating

And don’t

Keep Trying

When others disapprove

Let go of your personal power

And don’t

Continue working on your Dreams

Hi Henie,

Oh dear, I am so sorry that I only just found your earlier comment in the moderation queue. No wonder you mentioned dementia, and I was clueless! So sorry.

I loved your comment about choice, and also your two lines! Thank you so much for taking the to think it up.

Hi Sara,

I love your verse! Thank you for making the time to think one up. And I’m glad you feel it is you. From what I’ve read of your blog, you are certainly not blind anymore… and are quite clear who you are now. I appreciate your comment very much.


Oh, this was a quite challenge!!! I don’t know if I did it exactly right, but it does fit me.

I will remember who I am
I was blind
Because I could not see
I will remember who I am

I loved everyone’s comments on this post and it deserves all the praise given it. Also, thanks for the gift of that fantastic video!

Hi Henie,

Dementia? Hardly! And even if you did, you continue to be sweet and adorable. You’re welcome to drop in at any time!


How amazing!!! Thank you for this!!!

From I got from it is this:

Choice is synaptic…one can CHOOSE positive over negative…

And I thought long and hard about mine and I only came up with two lines! πŸ™‚

I will smile at death

For a life fully lived

What do you think? This was not only fun but challenging! Thanks again!!! See you soon! πŸ™‚

Hi Jennifer,

I’m glad the girl sorted things out too! We need more young people like her. I love your “Live, Laugh, Love” signature!


I love what you said about hearing yourself differently. Yes, when we block out the ‘noise’ created by comparison, we can quieten down enough to hear ourselves. I always learn something from your insightful comments. Thank you so much.

As you cease to compare yourself to others, you focus on listening to your heart and you hear yourself differently. It is all good. Making the most of who you are in this moment simply requires integrity and the will to rediscover accept yourself as you are.

@ Joanna,

Thanks for dropping by! So, do you find it audacious? πŸ˜‰ Do think about the wordplay. I’m sure you will be able to come up with something great!

@ Paul,

Sorry to hear you aren’t able to see the video. Your point about taking things too literally is a good one. I agree that on a global scale, it is humanity’s thinking as a whole that leads to large-scale results, and yes it wouldn’t be fair to blame one individual who happens to get caught in that whirlwind.

Yet I can affect the results I see in my personal reality ie relationships, career etc based on my thoughts and words. And if enough people directed their thoughts and words at for example world peace, we would eventually also see that.

Does this make sense to you? I’d love to hear your view.

@ Trey, welcome to the community here, and thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, I wish I had made that video too. Glad you watched it all the way through… the impact at the halfway point was awesome, as you said.

@ Jay, I have watched that video several times and even knowing exactly how it goes didn’t spoil the experience for me – it’s that good. Thanks for sharing about having those thoughts – isn’t it encouraging now you know you can literally reverse them?

@ Diane, I love your life motto: Live to love… love to live. Very true, and if you have been follow this, I can only guess at what a wonderful life you are living now, surrounded by people you love, who love you. Who could ask for more? I’m so glad to have you here as part of the community, Diane.

My disability keeps me from being able to get audio (also generally can’t see video well enough).

I very much agree with the overall perspective you outline, just want to point out one thing regarding:

“My thoughts and words create my reality.”

While this is a good observation that’s true in many ways, bad things in fact can and do happen to perfectly good, sane people around the world every day.

I find a lot of “happy talk spirituality” in the blogosphere that takes the “creating our own reality” idea literally and in effect blames all victims – of mixed up genes, random violence, exposure to a virus, war… Imo, taking it to this unrealistic extreme is very unhealthy. If some terrible misfortune occurs, it leaves you supposing that you necessarily did something to deserve it.

Just wanted to say hello – couldn’t resist visiting an audacious blog!

I love the video and will need to think about playing with some words to create the same effect. Thanks for the challenge!

That is an AWESOME video. I wish that I had made it. And I’m glad that you recommended it, because I would have just stopped watching before it started to go in reverse.

@ Arswino, for some reason your comment went into spam. Sorry about that. Think and live simply, and be grateful. That is a wonderful creed for living. Thank you for sharing that, Arswino.

@ Tammie, that video was certainly inspiring, wasn’t it? I’m glad you liked my watered-down version too. You’re right that writing things down certainly involves the brain a lot more, and so we can learn better in the process. Thank you for your lovely comment.

@ Tess, I really must watch Benjamin Button soon, and thanks for the other recommendations. I’m glad you like my humble version – trying my hand at it gave me a huge appreciation for how much thought went into the original video. Thanks for your lovely comment, Tess.

Hi Daphne!

Haven’t saw the video yet tech issues…counter intuitive is always an interesting thing…

How do I live my life?

Live to love…love to live…make each day count as always aim for love. Bless your friends and family and all and always remember to thank the Lord your God. Reach out your hand, your voice, your heart, and live and learn.

Wow. That was a great video. I read the comments first- spoiler I know but I was still amazed when she went backwards. I concur with Trey- I wish I made it. I certaintly has all those thoughts throughout the last few years. Thanks Daphne for sharing this!

What a novel idea! I haven’t seen this before, but I am so inspired by it AND by the way you designed YOUR version of it. Great job Daphene! I think that writing things down is so enlightening and empowering because it makes your brain have to involve itself even more than a simple thought process.

Hi Daphne, how amazing the video is. I like your reflection about life here.
For me, how do I want to life? just think and live simply and also be grateful for everything we have.
Thanks for sharing, Daphne. πŸ™‚

@ Stacey, I love your verse! It is so much in line with your blog theme. And thank you for adding it to your video section.

@ Vincent, thank you for following me on Twitter. I’m following right back!

@ Giovanna, I’m glad you like the video. And thank you for the inspiring words. I totally identify with “not every word I speak is the right word”, so thanks for the encouragement to “speak anyway”!

@ Julie, I must apologise that your comment went to the moderation queue for some reason, so it appeared late. Wow, you are definitely an optimist, to have seen right through the false thinking of the first half of the video. It was really brilliant, wasn’t it? Glad you liked it.

@ Jocelyn, I knew you would be able to come up with something! You’re a natural poet. Thanks for the verse. With Patrick’s contribution, that makes two! Makes my day that you actually took the trouble to create something. Thanks!

@ Best Cooking Schools, welcome to Joyful Days, and I’m glad you like the video. Your nic reminds me that I told myself to start cooking more this year!

@ Evelyn, glad you liked the video. It really was ingenious and creative!

@ Middle Way, I must thank you for sharing the laughs with me too!

@ HIB, thanks for the info on George Costanza. Sometimes I feel like I’m him!

@ Mark, glad you liked it. Do try the challenge – it feels great when you manage to knock something out!

@ Karl, wow that’s a simple and powerful personal creed you have. And you are certainly putting that into practice with your Work Happy Now blog. Great stuff, and thanks for sharing!

@ Squawkfox, the video WAS amazing wasn’t it? Glad you thought so too!

@ Davina, I love that meeting point between spirituality and science too! I am so happy that you liked it.

@ Patrick, I like it! Your verses are much more in keeping with the spirit of the video than mine. Thanks for the effort. Great stuff!

Hi Daphne

I love the video, very inspiring thanks for sharing.

I can share this with you πŸ™‚
Not every word I speak is the right word, but I speak anyway!
Not every person I love is the right one, but I love anyway!
Not every thing I try is successful, but I try it anyway!
Not every action I take is perfect, but I take it anyway!

There is β€˜No Guarantee’ in life, do yourselves a favorite, stop looking for that guarantee and just live it anyway!

Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Wow, that was so amazing! I never thought there would really be a reverse in that, creates a powerful impact, especially if we can do it in real life

“We cannot change the world

i do not believe that

one person can make a significant difference”

If you do not believe the above quote, kindly read in reverse πŸ™‚

@ Lance,

You always have such kind words. Yes, isn’t it interesting that often what we want is at our fingertips if we just stopped and changed direction? Like maybe give a hug when we feel like running away…

My version was a bit of a cheat I guess, since it’s much harder to write something with a different meaning each way. Much easier when it’s all positive!

I keep the motto up there to remind myself that this is how I want to live. That’s why it’s so prominent – I need all the reminding I can get! Glad you like it too (and yes I know that, and am honoured and delighted)!

Thank you so much for your comment, Lance.

@ Middle Way, I’m almost rolling on the floor myself! Sorry I wasn’t clear about what to do. I went back and read it backward word by word and saw what you mean… thought it sounded like Yoda more than Shakespeare though! Gosh, thanks for the laughs! And sorry about that.

@ Mama Zen, it was indeed! Blew me away.

@ Jannie, I thought Carla’s blog was Green and Chic? Is this the same Carla? I got the video link from Twitter. Lots of good stuff there. I got a little depressed too, and the effect on my emotions when it started playing backwards was amazing. Flossing your teeth… that’s funny, and important! Thanks for your comment, Jannie.

Hi Daphne. I absolutely loved this. Spirituality and science in one swoop. And look how well they worked together! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

Ohh wow. Everyone is so right, that video IS amazing. I so need to sit and ponder this for a while. Thank you for posting this very creative way to get to the heart of what really matters. Wow.

Well, I’m truly living in my own world, I guess, because I absolutely did not for a second become depressed at the video. All I kept thinking was the person is simply clueless! πŸ™‚ …that she didn’t understand WE have the power to create our own world, every single second of each day!

This was a cleverly done video, and it fills my heart with such joy! There’s a huge global shift in humanity’s thinking, and I am filled with buoyant confidence for the future of whole world! This was SO uplifting. Thank you, Daphne. πŸ™‚

How do I want to live?

Help others
find work happiness
from the inside out.

Be a leader
in the business and environmental community.

See the beauty
in themselves and everyone they meet.

Because we are lucky to be on this earth. Even when we are down and out there is always something positive we can take from every situation.

Thanks Daphne!

Great video!
This reminds me of a character on a popular t.v. show Seinfeld by the name of George Costanza. He decided that everything he had done his whole life was wrong so he decided that he would start doing the opposite of intuition. He then became successful.
Awesome post!

Hi Daphne,
Whoa…that’s a powerful video. Like Jannie, I watched it and felt depressed. Then, viewing it backwards, it made me think about how all we have to do sometimes is just reverse what we’re doing to get a result that is more in line with what we truly desire. How quickly this all came together, viewing it in reverse.

Unlike the video, your version plays out so nicely either way. And I think there is much, much comfort in this. (I love that motto of yours…I think you already know that, though!!). And it’s play out pretty sweetly either forward or backward!

Do you know, I’m inspired by that, every time I see it. So, every time I visit your site, I leave inspired, since you keep this displayed so prominently!

Daphne, you are doing amazing things here!!

Hey, I saw that video over on Carla’s blog at Kootenay Bliss – great minds are thinking alike these days.

It is pretty powerful and had me feeling depressed until it played in reverse. I guess it’s easier to sink into negative thoughts but there is every reason to believe in great thing for the future – teach our children well!

Me, I guess I would have flossed my teeth more as a kid, otherwise I am happy with where my life-script has brought me.

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