Happiness Quiz: Find Out How Happy You Are

Numerous studies are trying to quantify this thing called happiness. Here’s a simple, fun happiness quiz to rate your joy quotient in life.

Answer the following questions and count how many times you said Yes. If you have to stop and think about the answer, it’s not a Yes. See, I told you it was simple!

The Happiness Quiz

1. Do you wake up every morning eager to start your day?

2. Do the hours fly by while you work without you noticing the time?

3. Do you have at least one positive thought every day?

4. Do you laugh at least once a day?

5. Do you give and receive love everyday?

6. Are your dreams coming true day by day?

7. Are you focused on the present rather than the past or the future?

8. Did your existence enrich somebody else today?

9. Can you list one thing to be grateful for when today ends?

10. Do you fall asleep with deep peace for another day well-lived?

Your Score

Perfect (10):
You are blessed. Go forth and bless others with your joyful wisdom.

Good (7-9):
The world is a better place because you are in it. Spread the good vibes.

Okay (4-6):
Some days are diamond, some days are stone huh? Try to hang around happy people.

Poor (1-3):
This site will really help you. Joyful days are possible. Keep the faith.

Uh-oh (0):
You need a counsellor, not the internet (just kidding).

Make today count!

You probably have a few hours left of today. And you can find happiness in 5 minutes. All it takes is an appreciation for being alive, gratitude for all you already have, and a decision that today will end well. Go ahead now and do something that will make your day or someone else’s!

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3 replies on “Happiness Quiz: Find Out How Happy You Are”

You’re welcome Daphne! I always do my best to live as beautifully as I am capable of. It was fun to take the quiz, I’m surprised that no one else has posted the results yet!

Josh Lipovetsky.

I got a 9/10. I lose half a point in living in the future. I do things every day to improve my present and future situation. But I still think about the future too much. I wish I was more zen, like in the book “Power of Now”.

I also lose half a point when the hours fly by at work. Lots of times, I waste time when I should be working on my blog. I feel bad afterwards, because I should have been working.

Josh Lipovetsky.


Thanks for being the first to comment on the quiz. 9 out of 10 is incredibly good, and I already guessed from your previous comments that you are a joyful person – full of joy! Thank you for posting your personal results here.

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