Live Like You’ll Die Tomorrow

If tomorrow never comes, will the people you love know how much you love them? Will you have done what you really wanted to do in your lifetime? To stop procrastinating on the important things in life, you have to live like you’ll die tomorrow. 

One day, tomorrow will not come. We all know that. We just assume that today will not be the day that this comes true. What would you do today if you knew it were your last? 

1. Tell your loved ones how much you love them

When people know they have only minutes left to live, almost all will try to pass a message to their loved one. All they want to say are three words, “I love you”. They know they are running out of time, but we still have time. We should use it well. 

So take every opportunity you have to tell those you love that you love them. Tell them what you love about them, and what you appreciate about them. Talk about specific shared moments you remember. Do this every time you have a chance. 

2. Forgive the unforgiven

In the final months of life, hospice patients often talk about their regrets. They wish they could see someone who’s been estranged for years. Asking for and giving forgiveness becomes a priority. 

To avoid regrets on our deathbed, we can start to mend relationships that have gone sour but still matter to us. You can start small.  Just smile the next time you see the person. Or send them a birthday or Christmas card. It doesn’t really matter what the gesture is. They’ll understand.

And whether or not they respond graciously, you will be at peace. Their response is their responsibility, not yours. Maybe they have issues with forgiveness too. You can show the way.

3. Spend time with those you love

Make five minutes a day, or even a week, to spend with someone you love.  Ask them about their day and really listen. Or just sit together doing nothing. Especially for children, giving your time lets them know how much they mean to you.

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about people when you really stop and pay attention. Even with those you think you already know well. Try to notice something about them that you never noticed before. We all want somebody to witness our lives. You can be that witness for somebody today. And that person will feel less lonely because for five minutes, they really mattered to you.

So live like you’ll die tomorrow 

Chances are you’ll live far beyond tomorrow. But if you life like you’ll die tomorrow, you would have done what really mattered today. You would have lived a day worth living, every single day of your life. That’s the only way I want to live. And I hope you do too.

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9 replies on “Live Like You’ll Die Tomorrow”

I think making our bonds much and much stronger with the people who we love knowing that we might die tomorrow and it will give them much and much pain,suffering is a very selfish thing to why should somebody must live today as you suggest if he knows he’ll
die tomorrow.You should live every day of your life knowing these facts.
1.born ones become death ones
2.less bonds less pain,suffering comes from yesterday,tomorrow from today

Dear Mazhar,

Thank you for your comment. I know my reply is late, but I’m so glad that you liked this post. I remind myself everyday to continue living this way!

Our office is currently realising just how true this is. A collegue went home yesterday because he was not feeling well and died from heart failure in the afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and 2 small children. It was completely unexpected and sad for all who knew him.

Oh dear, Kim. I’m so sorry to hear about this. It must be devastating for the family, and the poor wife suddenly being a single parent… I don’t know what to say. I’m sure your office is doing everything it can to help. Let me know if I can do anything.

Hi Henie,

You’re a wonderful Mum! I have no children but have always had kids in my life, and agree that you cannot tell a child too often that you love them. I heard it takes 5 positive statements to blot out each negative statement the child will hear in their life. So by doing this you are making your son strong to face what may come in future – in school, at work etc. He will be safe from many arrows. It’s a great thing you’re doing.

I’m off to check your latest blog now!

Hi Daphne…

What a powerful share this is indeed!

You know, it is in the awareness of this that each and every day, I kiss, hug and tell my son how deeply I love him as though it was going to be the last…I have always thought that anything could happen between now and then…some people think of me as morbid but I just bless them!:)

I always look forward to a moment in my day when I come and languish in your site…btw, I think you will enjoy my latest blog…”The Little Big Things:)

Thank you!

Hi BT,

Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that my writing means something to somebody. It gives me a reason to keep writing! Thanks again for your kind words.


Hey Daphne, I enjoyed your writing tremendously. Many of your posts have touched me and enriched my life. This is one of them. Keep up the good work!

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