Run Through the Rain: Live Life On Your Own Terms

I made a deal with myself a few months ago to run for 30 minutes everyday. This worked fine for about two months. Then rainy season came. I could do the sensible thing and stay indoors, or I could run through the rain. What would you do?

I ran. And I loved it. I was so glad that I didn’t let the circumstances stop me from doing what I wanted to. And I resolved that I would live this way, on my own terms, from now on.

Why you should run through the rain

1. Champions keep going

The shower was mild the first day. A heavy drizzle. There were half a dozen other equally crazy joggers on my route. See, you don’t have to worry. Even if you choose to act crazy, you are not alone.

The second day saw heavier rain. This time there was only one other jogger. We didn’t even smile at each other though obviously there was a strong bond between us. We were too busy keeping our heads down so the raindrops wouldn’t enter our eyes.

Today is Rainy Day Three. I was the only one on the jogging track. Guess everyone else wimped out. I don’t blame them. It was really chucking it down. Parts of the track were flooded to above ankle level, and I almost stepped on a frog in one of the big pools of water.

I’m a slow runner and no champ. I’m more likely to be first from the back than in front. But after three days of sheer determination beating the foul weather, I felt like a champion.

2. Enjoy yourself no matter what

Towards the end of my last run, I felt pure exhilaration. I was soaked through and my legs were splattered with dirt. But my heart was singing, and soon my lips were too. I stomped my way through the last big puddle, deliberately splashing water all around me, knowing that nobody was around to see. I felt total freedom.

My only wish was that my little nephews were with me, so I could show them how to kick up a puddle and celebrate the rain instead of hiding from it. I want them to know that life goes on, come rain or shine. I want them to know that nothing can stop them from doing what they want to do. Least of all the weather.

3. Expect some rain in your life

Enough of my crazy runs, and back to life. Storms come into all our lives. We experience the pain of broken relationships, ruined careers, and lost dreams. And just as people refrain from jogging when it rains, we put life on hold when there’s rain in our hearts.

Here’s the deal: Run anyway. Live anyway. Don’t let the rain keep you home, and don’t let the pain keep you down. Am I saying pain is good? Of course not. I really hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I prefer running in dry shoes. But running through the rain has shown me a part of life that good weather never did. And I know now that the rain has no power to stop me. The power is in me.

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