Reduce Negativity in Your Life

It’s hard to be joyful when you’re surrounded with negativity. If you want a happier, more meaningful life, you have two options: increase the positive input, or decrease the negative. Here we look at how to reduce negativity in your life.

How to reduce negativity in your life

See no evil

Mainstream media reports mainly bad news, because this is what sells. Some people stop reading the news altogether, to avoid the constant stream of bad news. But I like reading the news, so I compromise by skimming through the headlines. This gives me more time to read more insightful commentaries in detail.

Speak no evil

Avoid chronic complainers and crustified cynics who have nothing good to say about anybody or anything. If this person is a spouse family member, it’s tricky because you cannot cut them out of your life. But you can dissociate at least temporarily. Say that you have had enough negativity for a day and need time by yourself.

Do no evil

The research is not conclusive, but many believe that the rise in violence is due violent TV shows and computer games. If we constantly feed our minds violent images, we will believe that this kind of behaviour is normal. Starve your brain of negativity by choosing more positive input instead.

Other ways to reduce negativity in your life

The alternative to reducing negative input is to increase positive input. This is the noble aim of the Good News Blog.

You can also keep a gratitude journal, and think about the blessings in your life everyday.

Most importantly, choose your friends wisely. Hang around cheerful, uplifting people who know how to celebrate life.

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2 replies on “Reduce Negativity in Your Life”

Hi Middle Way,

Thanks, and yes you’re right, it’s about discerning what is a ‘healthful’ amount. I like that term. I also like your reminder to look out for the children in our lives – we should shower them with as much praise and love as we can to increase the positive input in their lives since we cannot eliminate the negatives entirely.

Great post Daphne!

An awesome reminder that each of us has to do our own due diligence with respect to how much negativity we will healthfully allow into our lives.

For those who have young ones, it is our responsibility to protect them.

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