A selection of reader’s comments

“I am a commitment phobe and this helped me so much that I cried. Thanks for posting it and please don’t ever delete it.” – Maria (Running from Commitment Phobia)

“I was almost about to break up with my boyfriend because of unfulfilled expectations. Thanks to the Lord and one of my Facebook friends who shared this blog. I could re-evaluate myself and my expectations.” – Neha (Let Go of Expectations)

“Wow, this is absolutely wonderful. I stumbled upon this because I’m trying to let go of expectations more and more. I did this with my mom and it transformed our relationship!” – Amber (Let Go of Expectations)

“My own relationship is on the rocks because I always seem to say or do something which angers my partner. I love and cherish him like no other so the last thing I want is for him to be unhappy and displeased with the relationship. In desperation, I typed up and searched my problem on Google which led me to stumble upon this fantastic article. I have discovered that #9, #16 and #19 has become a habit, and I’ve realised that I have negatively impacted the relationship greatly by doing these things for so long. I’m going to try my best to work on these mistakes and always come back to this article if something goes wrong between me and my partner. You are a life-saver, Daphne!” – Michelle (20 Ways to Ruin a Relationship)

“I’m speechless this is one of the most powerful articles I have come across. You have inspired me to write my creed. Life is so much more beautiful when you set your sail instead of being blown wherever the winds of the world take you.” – Esha Addy (How to Write a Personal Creed)

“This post is so well said. You laid out the reasons of why we can’t let go so logically and systematically. I recognise I am one of the types. Then you talked about the solutions of how to deal with each aspect. The thing I like about your post is – you don’t simply point out a problem (it’s easy to point out a problem), but you offer a way out (this is the crux of handling a problem). Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.” – Candy (Why Letting Go is Hard and How to Let Go)

“Daphne, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for posting this. It moved me to tears. It is the kind of letter that most of us would like to write to ourselves. The lines that stood out for me were that people “can only love you as they know how to love. ” I forget this sometimes, and this was a lovely reminder of something very true.” – Chania Girl (A Letter from My Older Self)

“Another post to print out and hang on the fridge for the whole family to see, learn by heart and live by!” – Jess (How to Find Happiness That Lasts)

“Daphne. As I read through this, my eyes couldn’t help but get a bit wet. I’m out of words. Thank you. I know this will resonate with anyone who has gone through a break up.” – Catalyst (Smile Because It Happened)

“Thank you so much Daphne. Your careful thoughtfulness has added much to my own understanding too. Like you, over several years now, I’ve had much cause to ponder ‘forgiveness’. The stock answers and glib exhortations to ‘forgive for your own sake and move on’ just don’t do the business I’ve found. It’s just too easy for people to lob that sort of quick-fix at others! So thank you for catching the rather spiky ball that I threw at you and then seriously considering its meaning and content. What you’ve written has clarified and explained so much. In fact, Daphne, I reckon you have the bones of a best selling self-help book there…. There’s just far too much of the quick-fix faux forgiveness out there. It doesn’t work. Self-care/self-healing and, where possible, mutual relationship restoration do. The distinction is vital.” – Sam (What is Forgiveness?)

“Daphne, I thank you for this beautiful text you wrote about emptiness and to everyone that posted their comments on this. I was feeling very empty this day, with some unsatisfaction. Maybe this unsatisfaction is my reaction to emptiness. Maybe people react different, according with their character, some react with emotions (like unsatisfaction), some feel the urge to do things, some start thinking and re-thinking everything, and some go shopping. Maybe it’s time to reprogram our reactions to emptiness. I came to your blog and found this. To my mind, your writing seems magical in some ways, as it transformed my state of mind while reading it, but with no complexity of any kind, just the simplicity your writings embrace are the beautiful medicine you put in this kind space you call Joyful Days. Thank you so much!” – Paradox (Emptiness)

“Dear Daphne, thank you very much! I realise why happiness is never close to me! Is all in my mind! I had reformat my brain after reading. And I am going to share this with many many friends out there, who are not in happy mode. So that I create a happy environment with happy friends and a happy world for myself and for everyone. Once again, thank you for your wisdom. You sure deserve a GREAT HUG!!!” – Ella (How to Find Happiness That Lasts)

“I felt stimulated and inspired after reading your post. Your examples were terrific. I’m going to grow myself into a SMART encourager.” – Suzanne (How to Give SMART Encouragement)

“I’m so grateful for this blog. The archives had been a source of inspiration to me. Thank you Daphne.” – Tunde Ajayi (What is Forgiveness?)

“This website is epic. I’m telling all my friends.” – Abby (17 Inspiring Examples of Personal Creeds)

“Thanks for another great post. So simple, yet life-changing. I’ll definitely be spending more time reading your blog.” – Tiana (Setting Boundaries)

“What a fantastic post! It almost made me cry and it did make me laugh! It’s amazing what we humans can learn from our animal friends – faith, trust, hope, love (unconditional), and simple joy. Thank you for this message!” – Lee Ann (8 Lessons a Nearly Dead Dog Taught Me about Living)

“Hey Daphne, I was searching a topic regarding how to care less about what others think, because I was bugged by this. And I found this article, it is so inspirational that helps me to relieve / solve this issue. Amazingly, I also found many other motivational articles which is what I need. I consider reading something positive everyday can have a great impact to our attitudes / values. I will make this blog my regular read.” – Candy (Care Less About What Others Think)

“WOW!!!! What a blog. I am a day dreamer, but never realized how dreams can be converted into reality. The idea of a dream book is really fascinating. I really got motivated by your blog.” – Pallavi (Dream Like You Will Live Forever)

“Hi Daphne, I enjoyed very much reading your post. No wonder you got the whole world coming to your blog regularly.” – Grace (The Gift of Community)

“Just wanted to thank you most sincerely for writing. I’ll be reading for as long as you will write. Here’s to many happy days ahead.” – JM (No More Crappy Days)

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