Modern research shows us that happiness is a skill that can be learnt. We can cultivate thoughts and actions that consistently result in being happy. Joyful Days examines what the research says, and provides practical tips on how to be happy.

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Hi, Let’s talk about confidence! We all need it. And we can all benefit from new ways to boost it, especially as we’re coming out of a pretty gnarly year together.

I’d love to write up a quick, fun guide on what we can do today to build confidence so that we can live our best life and achieve our goals (whatever they may be) and stay upright when we get knocked down.

Would this be of interest to your readers? I’d love the opportunity to write it for them.

The article will be free! 500 or so words! And really fun to read. (And write!) 🙂

Let me know!

Hi Marjorie, thank you for your comment. This blog is largely dormant now, but if you’d like to submit an article I will consider posting it. Thanks!

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for your website and your work, I love the title! I especially enjoyed your piece on the sacred and survival dance. I’ve recently been giving myself grief for not making a living out of writing, when my initial intention with my creative work was to keep writing no matter what!!! It makes sense our passion will contract when we put pressure in it (and ourselves) in that way, it’s a dance and a journey for sure but one I feel lucky and blessed to be on. Thank you again!

Hello Gabriella! Thanks so much for your comment. I know what you mean about writing. I tried to do it for money at one point, writing paid articles fo magazines. And sometimes I chastise myself for not trying to write a book. But I realised all that was unnecessary pressure, and I get so much more joy from just personal journalling or writing on this blog. And yes, I agree it’s a blessing to have a sacred dance that brings us joy. All the best on your journey, and keep writing no matter what!

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