Cut Your Utilities Bill in These 10 Ways

Frugality is in vogue again, given the circumstances. And since we spend so much time at home, it helps to cut your utilities bill. Here are 10 ways you can start doing. Your pocket will benefit from these habits, and so will the earith.

1. Use natural light

Sunlight has many benefits. I know that I feel happier and more relaxed in natural light than under artificial lights. So move your desk next to a window if you can. I also work in my dining room in the mornings since it faces east. In the afternoon, I retreat to my bedroom which catches the afternoon sun.

2. Let the breeze in

If the weather allows, leave your windows open so that any breeze outside can waft in. This will reduce your need for electric fans or air-conditioning in the summer. I also feel more connected to the outside world when my windows are open.

3. Dress up at home

If the weather is cold, put on warmer clothes instead of turning up the heater. I’m amazed by friends who wear T-shirts and shorts indoors during winter and then blast the heater. You’ll also feel better and do better work when you dress up slightly, even at home.

4. Turn off the computer

Many of us leave our computers on even when we’re away from the desk. I’m very much guilty of this. Now I try to close the lid of my laptop if I’m away from the desk. This not only saves battery and electricty, it probably extends the lifespan of my computer screen.

5. Use fewer devices

It is common now to own multiple devices: phone, tablet, laptop. All these require charging. If you have two phones because one is for work, that is understandable. But if you own a tablet mainly for surfing or playing games, consider sticking to just the basic one phone and one laptop (or desktop).

6. Turn the switch off

Leaving appliances plugged into the mains with the switch left on drains electricity from the sockets. I’m too lazy to turn off every switch, but I do for those appliances I don’t use often.

7. One light at a time

Since you can physically only be in one place at a time, there is no reason for you to leave lights on in more than one room at a time. Make it a habit to turn the light off when you leave a room, and turn in on in the room you enter. Make light your shadow, in other words – it goes only where you go.

8. Boil only what you need

Some people use fill up an entire kettle just to make a cup of coffee. Use only as much water as you need, or as required by the minimum line on the kettle.

9. Enjoy the silence

Turn off the TV and computer for a change. At first the silence will feel uncomfortable, and you will be tempted to fill it with noise. Use the time to do simple exercises that increase your happiness. It’s good for your pocket but more importantly, good for your soul.

10. Leave the car at home

If you are headed anywhere nearby, walk. This is good for your pocket, your health, and the earth. Well technically this does not cut your utilities bill. But a car is a huge guzzler of energy and has a great impact on your pocket and the earth. So I had to throw it in.

Cut your utilities bill today

Pick one of these 10 things and start today. Better yet, do more of them!

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