206 Reasons To Be Grateful

The adult human body has 206 bones. That gives us 206 reasons to be grateful. Yet we take all of them for granted until we happen to lose the use of one or more.

Last week I injured a bone in my elbow, and my right arm is now in a cast. I’m typing this post with my left hand. You’d be amazed how much you can do with only one hand when life leaves you no choice. There is only one thing I cannot do (more on that later). 

You should try it. Immobilize your right arm in a sling for just one hour, and try to get on with your day as usual. You will quickly learn gratitude for a fully functioning skeleton.

I am so grateful that my injury is temporary, that I will regain use of my right arm in a couple of weeks. I think of those who have permanently lost the use of their limbs and I know I cannot complain about my minor inconvenience.

Oh, and the one thing I couldn’t do with one arm? Tie up my long hair. So the hair had to go and I have a short messy bob now. Still, that too will grow back. So all in all there’s no lasting damage. I’m lucky.

Other reasons to be grateful

After saying “thank you” to all my 206 bones (not one by one, mind you, just altogether in a big groupie hug), I wondered what else I should be grateful for. 

How many organs do I have? Google says 78, of which 5-13 are vital. They are feel vital to me right now, so thank you organs, 78 times!


It’s now over 10 years after the original post. Since then, I’ve crashed my bike and lost parts of some teeth. Thankfully the roots remain intact so technically I still have them. So how about thank you to my 32 teeth?

I really shouldn’t wait till I almost lose something to be grateful for it. Guess we humans just never learn!

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10 replies on “206 Reasons To Be Grateful”

Hey Daphne, my eyes were like wide open when seeing the title *206!!! must read*

Phew that it was short. 🙂

Hope that the injury’s gone now. Tk care and catch up with the group sometime before the yr ends.

Hi Daphne,
I’m glad to hear that this will be short-lived. We really don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. Now that you’ve realized just how much you CAN do with one arm, you have become even more resourceful when it has healed.

@ Hillary, thanks for being a pal.

@ Susie, thank you!

@ Bill, you’re so kind. Thanks much for your encouragement!

Hi Daphne,
Welcome back! I was about to e-mail you wondering where that fantastic blog-writer had gone. And then it turned out that you were doing broken-arm research for your next post. You’re a most dedicated writer.
Glad to hear you’re on the mend now, my friend, and wishing you all the best,

Hi Daphne .. sounds troublesome – but thank goodness it’s not worse and all will be well soon .. and I can imagine only have one arm = completely restricting ..

So – look after yourself .. and hope the healing is 100% .. our skeletons are pretty amazing aren’t they ..

Go easy .. thinking of you .. Hilary

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