7 Ways To Remember Birthdays

Everybody likes to be remembered on their birthdays. It makes us feel important, and shows us who our real friends are. They are the ones who keep that most important date in mind. If you want stronger relationships, here are ways you can remember birthdays.

1. Write birthdays down immediately

The moment anyone mentions their birthday, immediately say “Oh wait, let me write that down.” Proceed to key the into your phone contacts or calendar. And don’t worry, that person will not minding waiting at all! They will feel gratified that they are important enough for you to keep track of their birthday.

2. Build it into your schedule

Digital calendars make it easy to integrate birthdays into our schedule. Link your contacts to your calendar so that it will automatically show up. Or set events of reminders manually to “repeat every year”.

3. Set reminders before the actual birthday

I usually set the reminder for a week in advance. This gives me time to shop for a present or mail a card to a friend who lives overseas. One week is also usually enough time to make an appointment with them for lunch or dinner.

4. Use third party programmes

Services like Birthday Alarm make it easy to track and send greeting cards on your friends’ birthdays. Getting an actual e-card also makes it more personal than the usual one-liner on your social media platforms.

5. Form social groups

Chances are that someone else in your groupchat is good at remembering birthdays. Then you can chime in with the rest with your well wishes.

6. Place standing orders

For important friends and family, consider using merchants to help you remember the important dates. For example, you could place an order with a florist to deliver your mum a bouquet every year. When your mum thanks you for the bouquet, you’ll remember it’s her birthday!

7. Let your friends remind you

Facebook has make this very easy by reminding you which of your friends is having a birthday. However, not everyone puts their personal details online. Very bluntly request that your friends remind you when their birthdays are approaching. Of course, you will score more brownie points if you remember without their help. So refer back to the above point.

Your favourite way to remember birthdays?

Mine is #1. Stopping to take note immediately helps me to remember, and makes them feel good. Remembering birthdays is one of the easiest ways to spread joy in the world: to everyone you know, every year, year after year. And it’s so easy to do!

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4 replies on “7 Ways To Remember Birthdays”

@Jocelyn, that’s an amazing idea! Actually it’s a good way to send a birthday card to say grandchildren, who will then hear from you every year even after you’re gone, and be reminded that you loved them. I must remember this if I ever have grandchildren.

@Sherrie, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It’s wonderful when I get to know the people reading this blog, which makes it worthwhile.

@Tamsin, you’re the bestest encourager ever! Thanks for all the nudges you’ve given me on this blog alone. I can only imagine how much good you’re doing out there with others.

Great tips Daphne. And a very happy birthday for tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with your friends and family, and a well deserved break from posting!




This is a great list. Another great resource is SendOutCards, which not only reminds you of the birthday, but lets you go online and design a custom greeting card. Then they print, stuff, stamp and mail it for you. Gifts can also be included. I just sent a birthday card and brownies in less than 5 minutes after I got the reminder. Before I found SOC I would remember the birthday, but forget to get a card or I wouldn’t have a stamp, etc. Now I say “You’re welcome” instead of “I’m sorry”.

Yep, its nice to be remembered on your birthday, especially if with a gift, haha! I also use this website that allows me to send birthday emails in advance so you never have to forget, even in 100 years, 🙂 its at lettermelater.com Now that’s a secret I only shared here

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