Run Through the Rain: Live Life On Your Own Terms

I made a deal with myself a few months ago to run for 30 minutes everyday. This worked fine for about two months. Then rainy season came. I could do the sensible thing and stay indoors, or I could run through the rain. What would you do? I ran. And I loved it. I was […]

Three Challenges in Living with Commitment Phobia

Relationships or friendships in which one or both parties are living with commitment phobia can be extremely challenging. The easiest way to deal with this is, of course, to run for your life! It is easier to find someone else who is willing to commit .But if you’ve decided to stay on, here are three […]

20 Quotes From The Rules of Life

These are my favourite quotes from The Rules of Life by Richard Templar.

The 4 “Happy Hormones”

What are “happy hormones”? Specifically, why do some hormones make us happy, and how do we get more of these? Happy hormones refer to endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Technically, some of these are neurotransmitters and not hormones, but we shan’t bother with those scientific details here. I’m leaving out adrenaline which stimulates a fight-or-flight […]

8 Ways to Choose Joy Everyday

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.” – Henri Nouwen One day many years ago, I was taking a short cut through a carpark. A sudden spontaneous thought came into my mind with such force that I actually said the words out loud, to no […]

Our Sacred Dance and Our Survival Dance

Har­ley Swift Deer, a Native Ame­ri­can teacher, says that each of us has a sacred dance and a survival dance, but the sur­vi­val dance must come first. Our sur­vi­val dance, a foun­da­tio­nal com­po­nent of self-reliance, is what we do for a living — our way of sup­por­ting our­sel­ves phy­si­cally and eco­no­mi­cally. For most peo­ple, this means a […]

How to Get Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

Dealing with expectations is an issue affecting many people. Sometimes we feel burdened by the expectations placed on us by others. Sometimes we are the ones who place unrealistic expectations on those around us. How do we get rid of these unrealistic expectations? First we have to identify our expectations. Then decide which are unrealistic […]


A selection of reader’s comments “I am a commitment phobe and this helped me so much that I cried. Thanks for posting it and please don’t ever delete it.” – Maria (Running from Commitment Phobia) “I was almost about to break up with my boyfriend because of unfulfilled expectations. Thanks to the Lord and one […]

Privacy Policy

You may have noticed that I use Google Adsense on this blog. This means that every time someone clicks on an ad, I get a few cents. This revenue helps me cover the costs of hosting the blog, renewing the domain, and the email subscription service. Google requires all advertisers to inform users of their […]

How to Stay Positive

Today I’m delighted to host a guest post by Jeremy Day who blogs at Insight Writer. Jeremy writes on personal development with a realistic touch: not the usual happy-clappy new age stuff but a real person leading his life the best he can. In this article, Jeremy tells use how to stay positive.  “You have […]