Parallel Universes: You Live in Many Worlds

When I first heard about the concept of parallel universes, I laughed. This was the stuff of science fiction, and I was expected to take it seriously? Yet I respected the source and decided to find out more., Fact, it turns out, is truly stranger than fiction.

Quantum physics: the birth of parallel universes

Quantum physics turned everything we knew about the physical world upside down. Most of us can handle thinking in three dimensions. Some manage to grasp the fourth dimension of time. Get this – scientists today are thinking in eleven dimensions!

Many scientists now believe that our universe is a bubble floating in a sea of bubbles. Each bubble is a a parallel universe. So what exactly is a parallel universe? And why does this matter for our happiness?

Heisenberg: The outcome you see is not really there

The Heisenberg Uncertainty PrincipleΒ states that the very act of observing quantum matter affects the behaviour of that matter. This means that the moment you see something, it is not there anymore.

Think about reality TV. When people know they are being observed, their behaviour is affected. So we never observe anything in its natural form, because our very act of observing it changes its behaviour.

Bohr: Any outcome you see is always there

Nobel-winning physicist Niels Bohr interpreted the uncertainty principle differently. His Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics states that quantum particles don’t exist in one state or another, but in all their possible states at once.

So instead of reality TV, we live in a computer game. All the possible scenarios in the game are already programmed into it. Although you see only one outcome when you play, all the other outcomes are there as well. And other players are living those other outcomes right now.

Everett: all outcomes exist at the same time

Princeton mathematician Hugh Everett went even further. He stated that when we attempt to measure an outcome, we actually split the universe into all the possible outcomes. Every action creates all possible consequences of that action. And each consequence happens in a different universe. And thus the Many Worlds theory was born.

Consider military scenario planning, where all possible outcomes are planned for at the same time. On paper and in our minds, all those different outcomes already exist.

Parallel universes: what does it mean for us?

This means that your past decision whether to become a lawyer or doctor resulted in you being both. You are a lawyer in one universe, and a doctor in another. But the ‘you’ you know only lives in one of those universes. You are not aware of the ‘you’ in the other universe.

Also, if you contemplated death as a possible outcome in any decision, then you are already dead in some other universe. Mind boggling, huh?

I don’t know about your reaction to all this, but I found it incredibly liberating. If the theory is true, it means that:

1. Regret is not necessary

Sometimes I wistfully wonder what life would have been like if I’d become a lawyer or doctor, or married young and had 4 kids. Well, I am already all these things in some other universes! I just don’t know it because I’m in this universe. So I am already everything I ever wanted to be. How cool is that?

2. Death loses its sting

When my dad passed away, I wondered if he would have lived longer if he had done things differently: drunk less alcohol, eaten healthily, taken more supplements. Parallel universes mean that somewhere in another universe, he may have made better health choices. And so he is still alive in that universe. Maybe heaven is just a parallel universe.

3. Decisions become easier

If every possible outcome already exists, it doesn’t matter what I choose. Because I will experience them all in different parallel universes. I don’t have to worry about making the ‘wrong’ choice.

4. We can live more fully

I can finally stop wondering what life would have been like if I’d started my own business and become a billionaire at the age of 30. I’m already living that dream somewhere else. Right now, right here, I’m living another dream and can focus on living this one really well.

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I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend πŸ™‚

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Thank you for any other wonderful post. The place else may anybody get that type of information in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such info.

I don’t think every possible scenario is explored..because some things are just improbable and could not happen even in other world lines. A theory I thought would be cool, is that once you die prematurely in the current world line, you wake up in another world line where you are still alive with the memories of that world line; some sci fi shows would have the person slowly remember little by little of the other world lines they were in. Obviously it sounds crazy, but lots of things in science sound crazy until they are proven. I’m starting some major research for neuroscience and quantum physics hoping to come up with some viable theories based on collected data. I really hope to change our understanding of perception and existence with fellow PHDs.

The scientists who believe this must be raving mad..

it makes no sense to change to a parallel universe after you die..

because when one possibility dies they all die right??

i wonder if these unvierses contain every single movie that we have ever made. think about it. every single movie and tv show exist in other universes. i know its not related to all possible outcomes but think about it.

Well, I seem to agree to the concept of the so called 11th dimension and the parallel universe despite the fact that it hasnt been proven …………yet haha. May take a couple of centuries or even more but we’ll get there hopefully. Based on our universe modelled as a soap bubble, it is defintely possible to create loads of bubble by blowing air on it but would be called identical soap bubbles.
As the parallel universe concept strikes deep in my mind, I imagine do I in the other parallel universe feel the way I feel. Would it feel as it was the original me.
haha maybe Im thinking too deep

You know I totally find it so true….parallel universes….how do we know when we die..or if we haven’t died several times? Life is eternal..when we go to sleep and dream are we experiencing one of the universes we exist in …and when we awake are we in the same universe that we fell asleep in. When we are with family ..friends…loved ones are we really there physically. Or is it out mind that brings us to that experience. Is it them having memories of us that brings us to exist with them at that very moment…or are we simply programs that are set to run a path predetermined and when we malfunction ” end in death” do we really know it has happened? Or is it a reset that is automatically engaged to keep us going on living what we think is real but isn’t really what it seems. It is just so many possibilities……do we program our own happenings!

ok, i found a comment in this video that made more sense to me:

I know it is 6 months ago, but I would like to add that this evidence is not an example. What quantum suicide suggests is that YOU will never die, because if you did die, you wouldn’tο»Ώ be able to experience it (since you are dead). The only way this theory affects you is when YOU make a miracle survival, because in the experiment, 0.0001% of the infinite paths the universe takes, you are alive to experience your own survival.

The survival of others have got nothing to do with this experiment.

even scientists may have done a dangerous action that could have resulted in accident.

Does this mean that Michio Kaku perhaps is dead in another universe?


sometimes i think scientists are dumb, even though they have much smart ideas too.

But the parallel universe thing is still a very far away theory i think.

everyone on the planet have done something a “little dangerous” does that mean that everyone is dead in another universe? come on

i agree with some of the stuff about parallel universe like we maybe have one person that may look like ourself in a parallel universe and that they live on a planet maybe identical to the earth but not the same..

But the quantom suicide thing sounds just stupid, actually i get a little annoyed about it, i think it’s pure bullshit

one thing i find disturbing about this paralell universe thing is that actions that caused accidents in this world and could resulted in death actually makes you dead in a paralell universe?

this just seem silly to me, every possible human being i think do something a little “dangerous”
sometimes, that maybe could have caused a death in a far away state our in a close state.

i know a lot of people who have almost gettin into an accident that could have caused death in a far away state and people who could have gettin killed in a closed state.

the fact that these people survived and continue to get killed in a parallel universe just makes the whole thing so silly to me.

Ok what if one person dies in this universe, does that make him continue his life in another universe? rubbish

ive heard stories about NDE’s and most of the people talk about reincarnations and past lifes. But nobody talks about a life in a parallel universe, i whonder why? Lol

we are all the same person anyways. consciously different but sub-consciously i am the same as you and every other living organism which generates life. this is so in your face obvious.. what makes you so much more special than that rain dear or that tree?? if i can be all these things at once, the parallel universe theory becomes almost inevitable. if i speak pure truth it will always resonate in you. our consciousness only variate’s because of ‘perception’ and ‘ego’. we are just the same person objectively experiencing our universe in a different way to others, due to our unique environment we grow up in and the perceptions we hold and the habbits we form from those perceptions.. as if they were true lol. if we are all one person. what is to say there is not billions of universes and one universe is just another objective personality, experiencing itself through its variables. try spinning your around that. dont take the words to literally because words are just made up, use your god given intuition!

I think that this is a very good and optimistic theory. I only wonder how to move to a more gentle and truthful world.

I have a friend that said the idea is confusing, distracting, and negates uniqueness but I think it’s the freedom to manifest real dreams and create the life we love. Parallel Universes are awesome in infinite ways!

I love hearing the unique ways people use the idea of alternate selves and infinite possibility as a way to imagine and manifest positive probabilities. I thanks Daphne and everyone for their lovely thoughts.

Fascinating and empowering ideas! I love all the movies and stories with alternate realities. I have had premonitous dreams and de ja vus and I feel that they are bleed throughs from parallel universes. Dreams to me are valid in their own right and so parallel universes are valid dreams to me(that are just as real as the life we know). Jane Robert’s Seth books and Ramon Stevens Alexander books also discuss such topics.
I love all the views, information, and comments discussed here. Do some of you find the idea of infinite alternate selves to be cluttering and feel that it is threatening to our uniqueness or do they showcase our uniqueness and accentutate our freedom and power to choose and create our lives? I feel it’s the latter but just curious to more views people utilizing this idea in a positive way.

This is sooo my cup of tea:D
I think I can mathematically prove it, though even if it is undoubtebly proved it has no effect on my life, unfortunatlely.
I think EVERYTHING does exist. Possibly in this universe.
Statement 1. The universe is infinite. (Or its expanding exponencially, and at some point it cant expand any more so itll sort of “crack” into a tiny ball again or something but for now ignore this possibility)
statement2. if somethings infinite, then the variations are infinite.
so let me put it this way: the world it is now is variation of particles. like there are A LOT of particles, but every little detail being in the place it is now is just a variation. so if the variations are infinite, then somewhere, even in this universe there is a planet EXACTLY like this, but for example the glass that is front of me right is is a bit closer to the wall. or green. or i have green hair. or im a doctor. or living in a planet where aliens are hunting for us (like in the movie). or ANYTHING. and evertyhing. Do you see what i mean? I dont know if that makes any sense to others, but i hope it does:D
Also, I believe in matrix. but i cant really prove that but i think that also makes sense. Cos you know theres lucid dreaming. when you realize that youre dreaming and that you have the power to change everything in your dream, since everything is a piece of your subconscious. and theres a dream within a dream. and there’s mind control. how could you possibly have the power to change physically existent stuff and sort of control other peoples minds with it if everything was real? so maybe what you call “dreams” are actually the dream within the dream, and life is a stage of dream too. you can learn how to control your dreams, and you can learn how to control reality with mind control, which only makes sense if what we call reality is also a dream. and that leads us to think that if there are different laws of physics in our dreams, then we create th laws of physics in reality too. so what if theres someone sitting in a chair next to me and that someone created his world by totally different laws of physics, and humans are not greedy and there are no crimes, or if in his world there arent even humans there are beings that we probably cant even imagine… yeah well, intersting stuff but still, no effect on out lives, so i guess well just have to manage this life as it was given πŸ™‚

With our enlightenment of the truth, we should strive to develop ourselves to be who we really want to be, but keep in mind that the material things of this world are only temporary. Friendships last an eternity.

I almost forgot to thank Daphne for starting this great dialog on the subject of parallel universes. I appreaciate the opportunity to put my thoughts of this subject on the table, Your friend, Bruce

Greetings Tim, statistacally speaking, if your sample size is infinite, then what appears to be impossible is possible. The term infinite is a difficult concept for us to really appreaciate it means never ending, going on for eternity. With a never ending amount of possiblities, then all is possible, Our Creator could also have his hand in each of our development. The purpose of creation for God is to create a family, we are created in his image or likeness. I understand now I had been limiting the greatness of God, to just one universe. I now understand predestination.

I would like to expand a bit on the reality of creation and the awareness of what happens when we are “in Christ. As I states before all who except Christ become one with him. A part of each “believers” spirit is in Christ including all of the different “yous” in the infinite universes. Now for the big one. Christ’s spirit lives in us. That equates to this mind boggling concept, a part of each person who is in Christ is also in you. Sounds a little far out? How about awesome! On the spiritual level, communication is occuring on a subconscious level for most people. It is possible to communicate with others in the spirit because of our oneness in Christ. It is also possible that people have excepted Christ into themselves without knowing that it was Jesus, they didn’t have the understanding of what was happening. They were given the truth of love and that we are all brothers and sisters and we ought to love each other as family because we are family. I agree one can develop ones self to be “sensitive” to spritual communication. Christ is in power to pass on our communication, as he is the head of the spititual body of God. And we are the body of God! Pretty deep concept. Christ never changes. He is the same Christ in each universe he has created. He Is the one thing that is constant. He has a quite voice so you need to quite your mind to hear him. Try Meditation. Listen for a voice in the quiteness of your mind. Jesus loves us all. The Father loves us as much as he loves Jesus as much as God loves himself. This is what is important to God, that we awaken to the knowledge that we are his children, we are his family and that we should love each other as family and love him as our Father. Christ is a part of God who became human so he provide a way for us to unite with him to become eternal with him. This union is the only way for our spirit to attain eternal life, by becoming one with God! Be good to one another, love everyone, love God. All will be well. In love, your brother Bruce

All of possible variations of yourself are united in Christ, outside of time. The end result is our Creator has created each of us to be the ultimate expressions of ourselves, you really will be all you can be. The “Faulty Copies” who don’t become one with our Creator through Christ are lost, as a part of your “Spirit” must be in Christ. As Jesus said to our Father “I will be in them and they will be in me that they be one in us”. Our Spirit becomes eternal when it becomes one with our Creator. In one sence none are lost. We will be with all of our loved ones. Each of us will be united with all of the different copies of ourself. Yes, we truly do have an awesome God! I hope this brings some understanding that all will be well in the next life after this one. Please except Christ into your life and into your heart. Become one with our Creator. Our Creator is Love, he loves us all. Love God and everyone, we are all brothers and sisters in the bigger picture. Peace and love, Bruce

Omg I never thought there would be a study on this, my whole life I’ve been asking myself this very same question like if in another world I would make one decision and everything would be different. This is amazing!! Maybe in another parallel universe people would also have decisions with me like past relationships maybe they would be my significant other. Im truly amazed I’ve been wondering this without even understanding the whole science part just straight up thought this many times!

there is no such thing as “Parallel Universes” there is however a strong likely hood of other universes. A Parallel universe there would be another you. there aren’t enough odds for that to ever happen. even in a universe with the exact same starting mass and the exact same explosion to start it there could be odds that there would be another earth but when you get to lifeforms every life form in history would have had to make the exact same mistakes an choices as the ones in this universe which is just not possible.

it would be great if we could really see how our other lives are but that might happen probably when this type of science becomes live because they will probably tell the public that it is not real but i belive it is and hopefully i can clearly see it

I have known about this since I was 5 years old. Parallel universes not only exist, sometimes they get intertwined with our individual experiances. Monks have been said to have the ability to “see ones other realities” I know it sounds crazy but I have always been able to see my other “realities” through lucid dreamung. For all of you who are not familiar with lucid dreaming, it is scientifically documented. I am able to begim dreaming in great detail BEFORE I fall asleep. These dreams are always very realistic, and usually begin 5 minutes after I lay down in bed. I am 100% awake dutimg these dreams, yet I cannot control any aspect of them. They just occur. I know i am not “daydreaming” for those reasons.

Just wondering if someone ever tried Burt Goldman method to tap into parallel universes through meditation. His concept sounds interesting but does it really works? Thanks

It’s an awesome idea..awesome concept..but the fact that we may be living all these dreams and aspirations, the fact that we’re not currently experiencing it but it’s taking place makes us none the wiser.
I’m at work right now and my favorite TV Show is on, somewhere out there in a different universe I may be watching it but it’s of no use to me in this current universe cuz im still not watching it πŸ˜‰

This is all so interesting and I have felt for awhile now that this could be possible.

One question though, how does science know all possible outcomes of human beings lives.

Stating that these parallel universes exist due to creating a universe each time a decision is made the other possible outcomes create more worlds. Wouldn’t that be infinite? How do we know all possible outcomes for each person’s choices?

I have actually experinced paralell universe before,
Through astral projection I changed the life I was living in,but the life I saw in my paralell world is different hard to explain but I know its real because three people that I know told me they had a dream about it and they said it felt to real to be a dream and it was the exact same vision as I had seen

This could explain many strange states of the mind. it could also explain deja vu! simply the other you in the future arrived at a place you havent arrived at yet! But when you reach that place somehow the other you connected synced minds with you? So in fact I might be connected to all the other me’s. if this were posssible to access, then even the dead me in another universe could see spiritual thing’s possibly? all the ghost people claim to see might be my spirtual sight from my dead me seeing them. Since all thought requires energy i’m assuming it somehow connects with all my copy’s.if a human mind contains energy and has a unqiue signature. then they all must have the same signature.

So I grasp the many worlds concept. it might explain everything in time. it could very lead to some form of time travel. it might explain ufo’s ghost and all the strange stuff people claim to have happen. pretty awesome stuff.

Maybe there are individuals who may have gone through an expereince that would follow.. having been able to choose to be in one Parallel Universe from another. Is there anyone out there?

Hi MJ,

I’m not sure about being able to choose… I think with time travel all this becomes more possible. However many people have experienced “deja vu” feelings and some explain this by the fact that you HAVE seen this or lived this before in a parallel universe… not sure if you buy this though.

I like to believe in paralell universes, and string theory and stuff, but did you realise, that there are as many universes then as many people there are and that number times a billion. So the number of people times the number of their thoughts. So what would be logical to deduce here is, that there are no differences between these worlds. Tjhis world is not any more real than any of the other billion trillion universes. But we want to believe that, and we are together creating reality out of all the possibilities, because what ever we imagine really hard, it happens. Did you notice, that most of your real, and of course realistic wishes have come true at 1 point in your life? Or have you had the feeling you felt something would happen in advance. Well maybe you made it happen, not feel it happen in advance. Anyway, if matter behaves differently when we are observing it, that means maybe that our observation creates this “material” world. And anything you imagine can happen, if it corresponds to what could be real for your brain. πŸ™‚
so dream on!!


First of all thank you for your detailed comment. I appreciate reading your thoughts about parallel universes, and learnt a lot from what you wrote.

Of all the thoughts on this page, including even the article itself, I think yours comes closest to grasping the mind-boggling concept of infinity. Yes, if there are a billion trillion universes, then maybe there really is no difference between realities. Maybe we do flit from one universe to another depending on the strength of our thoughts at any point in time. This is the classic brain-in-a-vat argument: how do we know what we are experiencing is real? Yet perhaps it’s our understanding of ‘reality’ that is limited, and reality itself is far more vast than we could possibly imagine.

Thanks for this very intelligent and thought-provoking comment. You really understood the post and took it one step further with your application of logic. Very impressive!

I love thinking about the infinant posibilities are in the universe. I read that worm holes are a possible way to travel to one multiverse, to another. If only I could actually find a worm hole, even though I know that in one universe I already have. You see, the worm holes bend in the “fabric” of the universe, and if one is strong enough, it could completely tear though. But then what would there be where it tore? That right there, is the mystery. I suspect that it is another universe. I strongly believe in this theory.

Hi Hannah,

Wow, I learnt so much from your comment! I looked up wormholes because this is the first I’ve heard of them, so I must thank you for introducing the idea to me. Multi-verse is also a new word and I’m learning more and more… Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge here.

Wow, great article! I really enjoyed it. Parallel universes are a favorite theme, a topic of mine. Sometimes I wonder how all those “me’s” are doing. As a matter of fact, I take it one step further and draw the “strenght” or reality from the situations of those universes and draw it to me in this universe, kinda like sniffing something hard to wake up from unconsciousness. I believe that “dreams” are a way of communicating with your other selves in those other universes and your “consciousness” is like your interdimensional telephone line of communication to all of them. I believe, in a sense, through telepathy, telekinesis and overall “consciousness,” you can steal the reality of your twin from that dimension and bring it over here. Again, great article and keep it up.

Hi Raven,

Glad you enjoyed the article. It was my first foray in the world of parallel universes and I was highly amazed with how much I learnt by researching this topic. I like your elaboration of the topic in your comments. I’ve not really wondered how all those other “Me”s are doing… and I certainly haven’t thought of drawing strength from them or perhaps even asking them for advice!

Thanks for your personal perspective on the whole topic of parallel universes. I’m certainly interested to learn more about this over time.

Daphne, Thanks.

I love this subject. I actually even though about starting a blog about unknown, unusual and unbelievable things.

Unfortunately broad range of my interests not making it’s possible at the moment:)

I think you may like to read Gregg Braden’s books

The Devine Matrix
The Isaiah Effect
The Science of Miracles
God Code

He is a scientist and worked for companies like Cisco and so on. He is trying to combine science and spirituality. He explains a lot of quantum physics theories.

Louise Hay interview with Gregg is very interesting as well.

I think if we assume that in some other dimension we have ourselves having different life, it is easier to imagine how would it be to live this kind of life, which may help to design life we want – just a thought πŸ™‚

Hey Peter, I like your idea of a blog with unusual and unbelievable things! That’s something interesting and educational, and with a large potential audience I’m sure.

Thanks for the book recommendations and the video. I like Gregg Braden’s point that wise men of the past didn’t spend too much time theorising about truth, but simply put what they knew into practice.

I also like your point that the existence of parallel universes helps us to imagine alternative outcomes for ourselves because simply imagining the outcome makes it real and therefore credible. Great point!

Hi Daphine,

Quantum Physics sure is fun isn’t it? I remember when I first read a book called the Fabric of Reality a lay men’s book on understanding quantum physics. I was just amazed at the concepts and the possibilities. Last night I watched two shows on this subject on the Science channel. Its amazing all the theories and the possibilities they may represent. Ever since then I have thought science is being integrated with God within it. Because it creates infinite possibilities for mankind and helps us to comprehend the uncomprehendable and become more open minded. It is energizing to contemplate!

Hi Diane, quantum physics has always been too difficult for me, but yes it’s fun when someone writes is in layman’s language so we can at least approach an understanding of things too amazing to contemplate!

You’re right that the concepts and possibilities alone, whether ultimately true or not, are mind-blowing. For the human mind to be able to grasp and articulate such wonders is itself a miracle, and one I am grateful for.

I love your thought that science and God can be integrated. I’ve believed this for a long time. This belief too is energizing!

This is something I have to dig deeper into, because I sense some truth in it and something that could help us in our present reality. I was also thinking about the perspective where we can recognize parallel universes even within this world, this reality. When I was a child, I already had this curiousity about what other people are thinking about. Are they like me? To them, I’m just another one of those passersby, just another person that crosses the street. To them, I am the object of observation.

In short, I was thinking that another person is just another version of me, a parallel universe. So in this world, I am already in each of the people I know. I am soldier, doctor, priest, writer, president and laborer at the same time.

Other people’s version include seeing Christ in everyone. Christ is hence in each of us, in each of the parallel universes that exist within each person.

Jocelyn, it’s cool that even as a child you can get into other people’s worlds and see yourself from their world. That’s literally moving into another universe, and then coming back to your own.

It would be awesome if you really felt what they were feeling and sensed the world as they were sensing. This would be pretty advanced universe-hopping though!

I would love to become the ‘me’s in other universes. This would probably take meditation and moving along a literally different wavelength… Fascinating.

Hi Daphne

Love what it means to you.

I once saw a movie where the main character, everytime he wished that he could have a situation work out differently, switched to that reality. (I can’t for the life of me recall the movie’s name)

He usually did this when he saw something in someone’s life not work out – significant events such as marriage, death etc.

The thing is, that he could never find a reality where everyone had everything and was 100% happy.

Says a lot about always being on the run from the tough times…


Juliet, that’s a great movie! It’s so true that no matter where we go, nothing is exactly as we want it to be. Some movies teach very wise lessons.

Do let me know if you remember the movie’s name. I’d love to get hold of it and watch!

Chris, this post was a learning experience for me as well, and I’m keeping an open mind and excited about the possibility of parallel universes. It impacts my experience of this reality a whole lot, just by having a raised consciousness. I value that. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your comment!

Hi Daphne. I love exploring ideas like this. The first one you mentioned, about “the moment you see something, it’s not there anymore” I found really neat. Kind of like the opposite of “when a trees falls in the forest, does anybody hear”. I believe anythings possible….

Hey you know what Davina? When I read that, I thought about the tree falling in the forest too! At that point I couldn’t make the connection between the two though. I’m glad you thought of it too – proves that I’m not that far out… πŸ™‚

Hi Daphne, This was an intense post. I do believe in parallel universes, but I don’t know enough to be able to define what that really means.

Stacey, I don’t think I know much myself though it’s exciting to be finding out more! It was an intense learning opportunity for me.

It’s a very in depth topic. Some of what your wrote is new and some isn’t.

Sandra Taylor writes about MAP or My adjacent Possibilities. MAP are options we can choose to move in a different direction–either in focus, motion or both.

She advises to do this:
“Close your eyes and envision yourself stepping into a sparkling, beautiful cloud. Every dewy molecule that alights on your face and arms is a joyous adjacent possibility. And the options stretch out for miles. Spin around and feel the refreshing touch of another and another. How exiciting it is to always be surrounded by posibilities!”

I have been practicing this week. It’s quite amazing.

The name of her book is “Secrets of Success: The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity.”

I will check the videos over the weekend.

Thanks for the book recommendation and introduction to the term MAP. Clever acronym too!

I’ve always been aware of myriad possibilities we can choose for our lives, but to be told that these possibilities literally already exist in another universe, and are playing out all the way to their consequences, and all without me knowing because I’m busy living this life… this blew my mind.

Thanks for sharing about the practice you’ve been doing this week. Evelyn has also recommended experiencing it firsthand, so I may try. This is so amazing. Thanks for sharing, Tess.

Hi Daphne

This is fascinating topic. I don’t know why, but this reminded me of the movie “Stranger than fiction” have you seen it?
You have got me thinking, I am open to the possibility.
Thank you,
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Daphne, it would be hard for me to tell you if it is possible to “literally talk” to other worlds because I have not experienced it myself. What I often get is an inner knowing through sensing, and very recently, a voice. I haven’t gotten a two-way verbal conversation going so far…LOL!!

I am fortunate that I have a small glimpse so far. But that small glimpse is enough to let me know how little I consciously know.

Again, what is most important is not to take what I or anyone else say as the truth. The only way to find out is to experience it yourself. Until you have realized the “truth” experientially, no one can tell you what to or not to believe.

Take care,

Thanks for the quick reply, Evelyn. I didn’t picture you talking to someone from another universe πŸ˜‰ though I believe that you made a connection, and that’s awesome.

You’re also right that experience will convince me more than anything. At the same time I’m very happy to learn from other people as long as I find them credible sources, and you’re one!

Tried looking for that post you mentioned on your blog but there’s no search function. Could you kindly email me the link or post it here? Would love to read it.


I cannot thank you enough for this incredible “cerebral massage!”

I love learning the new that you always manage to provide! Fascinating!!!!

Thank you for tickling my mind so that my soul can laugh! :~)

Henie, I’m glad this tickled your mind. It more than tickled mind. Slammed it right over backwards would be a more accurate description!

I’m blessed to have people around me who help me learn new things all the time. And I’m so glad you’re on this journey of learning with me!

I had a post about parallel universe sometime last year. I shared about how I got to a knowing that it is a possible reality.

The movie “What the Bleep” has a lot of scientific proof that multiverses do exist and also side-by-side, according to the string theory. One hypothesis is also that there are no such thing as past lives. The reason why we appear to be tapping into them is because they are going on all at the same time simultaneously. Fascinating, isn’t it?

It will be hard to find out consciously about whether other universes or dimensions exist, of if there is such a thing as ETs; until we have “seen” them for ourselves. I am advised that the one light that can increase our awareness in expanded consciousness is via insight through meditation.

Have a great weekend,


Thanks for the further insight – this must be old news to you! Yes I’d read Neale Donald Walsch before about past lives being simply a different dimension, and all these dimensions heaped on top of one another so we can experience all time now. I’m sure this makes sense to you, though it’s another mind-blowing concept.

You’re right that we can access these ‘other worlds’ through meditation. Would you agree then that seances and sessions where people literally talk to those in other worlds are possible? My guess is you would say yes, and I’ll have to admit that it’s getting harder to deny the possibility.

While my immediate reaction is to dismiss this, I am trying to get better at understanding that if we can’t prove something, it doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

I agree: there’s something very liberating about this possibility.

Vered, I probably dismissed this as quickly as you did. I actually laughed in my friend’s face, something I feel a little sheepish about now. I’m glad you’re willing to conceded that it is at least possible. That’s how all new truths are arrived at!

This is a subject I have a particular interest in. This post is bookmarked, I need to come back and really delve into it. I love your synapes of what this means!!

Jay, I’m glad to have found a fellow explorer and seeker of knowledge, even though it leads us to weird places at times!

Thanks for thinking this post worthy of bookmarking. The links are what you want to check out, as well as the videos. My personal conclusions are completely unscientific but I’m glad you like them.

I’d love to know what you make of it all when you get round to delving into it.

This blows my mind! I had some vague idea about quantum physics but I see it really was vague.

I have a hard time getting my head around the complexity of the planet we live on, let alone this universe. There’s no way I can contemplate parallel universes!

But it is soothing to know that reality is not real, which means I’m not real either. Puts things into perspective.

Ian, this blew my mind too. When I did the research I expected to read about urban legends etc, but these are Nobel laureates with real theories!

I think it also means that there are many realities happening all at the same time, and I know how you feel – this is all so surreal! You’re so right about putting things into perspective. I’ll never see the world the same way again.

ElderGuru, I find myself increasingly leaning towards exploring death and the approach to it, which is why I like your site helping people deal with age-related issues. You’re doing good work.

One of the things I enjoy most is having an intelligent, productive and possibly life-altering conversation with a like-minded and full of life individual. So trust me when I say this, the pleasure is all mine.

I’ve been writing for like 15 years now, poetry and fiction and non-fiction but this year I finally started blogging as well and opened myself up further to share what I like sharing. The idea of developing one’s self.

Initially I thought I’d close the comments and focus more writing but I have started getting emails now from people who have read my articles and wanted to comment so I guess, I’ll take your message as a sign from the universe to allow the comments. Thanks for being the messenger. πŸ™‚

The comments are open now and I will be honored to get the first ones from your side. πŸ™‚

Just for your convenience here the the links to the posts you mentioned above:

1. How to Get Depressed in 7 Simple Steps

2. Free Choice. Really?

Ah yes, very wise of you to heed the voice of the universe! πŸ™‚ Of course, the universe moves at the speed of light (or faster) so the intended comments, plus one more, are already on your blog.


Yea, and may I say you are as fast as the Universe, probably because at the quantum level, you really are The Universe. πŸ˜‰

Thanks a lot for being the first drop of rain. πŸ™‚


Thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate that.

Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorders have actually been researched about quite extensively. Still, I will not just rule out your point that it could be an overlap.

In all things related with mind, science has it’s limitations. The subjective reality and it’s experience of it, are yet what we don’t understand in concrete terms.

We can discuss all that for a week but as this is a very good blog that focuses on helping people in practical ways I’ll suggest we get pragmatic here.

So coming back to my basic point – if the idea of parallel universes attracts and gives a positive meaning to one’s existence, I don’t see any hard in adopting it.

I mean just look at the belief systems that people adopt and the majority of them will actually be dis-empowering and thus making them feel insecure and miserable.

Personally speaking, it attracts me more because it leads to uncharted waters and I’ve always liked “The Road Less Traveled”, anyway. πŸ™‚

Sunny, I am very glad that you popped up here, because I am really enjoying this discussion! You’re one of those readers that know more than the writer of the post. I love it when this happens because I learn more and am forced to think harder about what I’ve just written.

Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Yes, I’m a firm believer in pragmatism. I also firmly believe that knowledge of the truth makes it much easier to change our thinking and behaviour than all the personal development theories and self-discipline in the world. In that sense science is very pragmatic, for me at least.

By the way I wanted to leave a comment on your latest blog post, but comments weren’t on. I found the ending of your post on depression, and the opening of your post on free choice, absolutely hilarious, and very clever!

The concept of parallel existences really popped up after Einstein’s theory of relativity. Theoretically speaking, yes, it is probable.

We can accept it or reject it but what we have to see is what Glen hinted on. Does it empower us? Does it take our attention away from our observable reality? Does it give new positive meaning to our reality?

Actually, this concept is way deeper than the concept of past lives. We have read and heard about many unexplainable but still verifiable life records of some people in the past life scenario. But I haven’t read even one account of anyone giving a description of living a parallel life yet.

The concept is still a hypothesis and it will actually be wonderful to dig it deeper because it has a lot of potential for changing our understanding of life as such and giving it more meaning and depth.

Hi Sunny, welcome and thanks for leaving a comment! And a very insightful one at that.

I realised from my reading that string theory has something to do with parallel universes but at that point the science got too difficult for me. You’re right that eventually I may understand more and dig deeper, and it’s all fascinating stuff.

You also raised an interesting point about witnesses of parallel lives. I wonder if schizophrenia could help explain this – people thinking they are living different lives… it could be an overlap of universes that we don’t quite understand yet. Just a wild thought, with no medical or scientific basis whatsoever!

Wow, crazy concept. Still trying to get my head around some of the ideas here.

I don’t know what it would mean if it were true. Yes I could be running the worlds biggest blog or something right now, but because I don’t know it and I’m not ‘experiencing it’ I doesn’t make me feel any different. I think it’s better to focus on the universe we are aware of…

Glen, my head is still swimming too, from the immensity and sheer audacity of the concept.

And yes, you are right. The only thing to do is to focus on the universe we are in. It’s just an awesome thought that in another universe, another “I” is focusing on life in that universe. I find this thought very comforting for the reasons I outlined in the post.

And hey, you may yet have the world’s biggest blog in this world someday! You certainly have the advantage of time because you started young. Go for it!

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