What Is Your Character Symbol?

I happened to look at my calculator when I was thinking about people’s different characters. The 4 basic functions gave me an idea. So here’s my unauthorised, tongue-in-cheek version of your character symbol: you are either an add-er, a subtract-er, a multiplier, or a divider.

1. The “+” character symbol: Adders

You are an adder if you bring something positive to every situation. People welcome your presence because you make things better.

Adders bring a bottle of wine or a cake to any occasion, help with the washing up, or offer to watch the kids while the adults converse. Instead of hogging the limelight, Adders allow others to speak while they listen attentively. They make you feel like you matter, and you love having them around. When others launch into spiteful gossip or otherwise descend on a downward spiral, Adders throw a positive spin on the situation and keep the atmosphere sunny.

2. The “-” symbol: Subtracters

Your heart sinks when you find out that these people are going to be at a function. They sap energy from you by being needy and demanding. Nothing seems to go well for subtract-ers. They always find a reason to be dis-satisfied, and share their unhappiness with anyone within earshot. Life is cruel to this lot, who suffer from discrimination at work, neglect by their partners, and are generally always treated badly. According to themselves, of course.

3. The “*” symbol: Multipliers

With these wonderful people around, you feel like anything is possible. You are challenged to live life to the full, to maximise your potential. Multipliers are role models who inspire others to become better. They encourage you to believe in yourself, and give you the push you need to go for what you want in life. These generous souls share their wisdom with you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.

4. The “/” symbol: Dividers

Dividers make you a lesser person by diminishing your attitude and self-worth with their small-mindedness. These spiritual thieves throw doubt in your face as they crush your dreams. They waste your time by dealing in unfounded gossip. Like a cancer that starts small but eventually consumes your whole body, they seem like harmless grumblers at first but infect you with the seeds of poisonous thoughts.

Which is your character symbol?

Although I’m being light-hearted with this, I suspect there is a grain of truth in here somewhere. I have probably been all of these character symbols myself at various points in my life. Also, I add or multiply more in some of my roles than in others.

What about you? In this very simplistic character analysis, where do you fall most of the time?  Give some thought to your mathematical function in life and the impact on those around you.

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