Annika Sorenstam’s Way to Success: Work Hard

Annika Sorenstam is the best woman golfer in her time. She is the only female to score under 60, and to play in a men’s tournament since the 1940s. She even beat Tiger Woods once in a friendly game, which is quite a feat. Her way to success? Work hard.

I’ve been a fan from a distance, and finally got to see her in person last week. She retires next month and I realised this was my last chance to see her in action. I followed her for a few holes and she was a pleasure to watch.

Quotes by Annika

“I just try to mind my own game, hit one shot at a time and kind of stay in the present.”

“We don’t voice our opinions the way they (men) do. Hopefully, we can let our clubs do the talking.”

“We look at history. We have a challenge ahead of ourselves. You only get a chance so many times. That’s all I need to get going.”

Her way to success: “I worked very hard”

Widely hailed as the most precise golfer around, her way to success is hard work. Unlike legends like Tiger Woods, she is not usually called a prodigy or considered talented. Words more likely to describe her are ‘disciplined’, ‘mechanical’, ‘dedication’.

So take a cue from Annika Sorenstam and work hard at whatever you decide to do. She is, to me, the embodiment of the well-known quote:

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

– Thomas Edison

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3 replies on “Annika Sorenstam’s Way to Success: Work Hard”

Hi Lance, yes it was very cool! And so was she in person. It’s an amazing feeling watching a legend in action. Thanks for your comment!

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