Interview: Lance from Jungle of Life

Today I interview Lance who blogs at Jungle of Life. Lance is one of my favourite bloggers. When I started Joyful Days, he took the trouble to show me the ropes, keep in touch, and just let me know he was there.

On blogging

1. What amazes me is how you can post a one-line quote and get tons of comments in response. How did you build such a loving, supportive community around your blog? 

There are a couple of things that I think helped gather so much community around something simple like a quote. Firstly, people sometimes feed off of the comments of others. I find this really very powerful.

The other thing I do is visit the sites of those who leave a comment for me. You took the time from your schedule to share your thoughts with me. So it is the least I can do to stop by and read your words. And I find much inspiration from all the amazing people I have come in contact with over these last several months.

2. You have a full-time job, a wife and three kids, exercise regularly, and have to shovel all that snow from your Wisconsin driveway… 😉 How do you find time to not only write for your own blog but communicate at such depth with so many other bloggers?

Well, let’s start with all that snow. I’m lucky in that I have a wife and three kids that help out very much with this. And with lots of other things around our house!

I am a big proponent of getting proper exercise and nutrition. Our health is one of the most important things we have. And it’s something that is within our power to control. I know that we are bombarded with ways to forego exercise, and presented with a multitude of poor food choices. Still, we ultimately have a choice in all of this. And I choose healthy! I’ve seen the other side. And a healthy lifestyle is so much more satisfying and enjoyable!

One of the big benefits of blogging has been a real improvement in my time management skills. It’s another activity, amongst all the basketball games to attend, the practices to shuttle kids to, a full-time job. So I make time for blogging by fitting it in wherever I can. Early mornings. Late nights. Lunch. Between basketball games. On my phone. Driving in the car (okay, I made that one up! I don’t do that!!)

3. When you first started blogging, you wanted to stay anonymous. Was there an event or a person that triggered you to ‘expose’ yourself to the world, and what were your thoughts when you first uploaded your photo and told everyone where you lived? 

I did want to stay anonymous when I started out. I felt unsure of my writing skills, and being “out there”, exposed to the world – was scary!

There wasn’t really one event or person that triggered the step away from anonymity. It was more of an evolution, and a feeling of comfortableness with my writing. It definitely helped once I began getting comments that were supportive of my writing. I believe I put my first picture online after a vacation we’d been on in July. It continued to evolve from there, to where I became more comfortable being “exposed”.

On Life

4. You named your blog “Jungle of Life”. While I love the catchy name, the word ‘jungle’ usually implies something dark, wild or dangerous, to be survived rather than celebrated. Is this how you really see life?

No, I don’t see the “Jungle of Life” as being dark or dangerous. In fact, this wasn’t a name anywhere near the top of the list when I was choosing a domain name. I kept going through iterations of other names, everything already taken. At some point in the process the name “jungleoflife” came to me. It felt right, and it was available.

I really look at the name – Jungle of Life – as life sometimes seeming like a jungle. It is overgrown with all the things that can hold us back, or keep us from being our best selves. This is a journey through that jungle which many of us face. So, at the Jungle of Life, we travel through it together.

5. You obviously have a very happy and meaningful marriage. What separate pieces of advice would you give to (a) husbands and (b) wives who want to make their marriages filled with purpose and joy?

I have been lucky enough in my life to have found a kindred spirit. Someone who understands me, knows me, and will travel to the end of the earth with me.

Marriage is a two-way street. What has made our marriage work is trust, compromise, love, and connection. Just like the rest of life, our life together has been a journey. With these basic principles, we have been able to move our marriage through the many stages of life we’ve faced – newlyweds, moving, having children, careers.

This isn’t to say every day is perfect and blissful. It’s not! However, keeping to our beliefs in each other, staying true to the vows we made upon our marriage, and really having open communication. All this has led to a marriage that brings joy to each of us – over and over.

6. Your three children are the most important people to you in the whole world. If you were to drum just one phrase into each of them that will help them navigate through their own jungle of life, what would that phrase be and why? 

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.” ~ Richard L. Evans

J (our oldest son) – New experiences await around every corner, and through every new door opened. Go around those corners, open those doors, and live a life that you truly love.

R (our daughter) – Be confident in who you are, and you can do anything in this world! You can accomplish so much, you are a bright and shining star. Love always and fully!

C (our youngest son) – Continue to live life full out. You have a generous and loving spirit, along with a natural ability to connect with others – continue to nurture that. In everything. In your relationships. In your dreams. In all your life desires.

Questions on life beyond life

7. You’ve written before that ‘we are all one’. What are your spiritual views on God, the universe, the soul, the one-ness of everything etc, and how did you arrive at this spiritual position?

My spiritual view is – that we have a Higher Power, beyond our comprehension – that loves and cares for us more deeply than we can even begin to imagine. For me, that Higher Power is God. And that God is a God who was willing to sacrifice His only Son for me.

I know that I put a lot of what I believe in faith. And really, a faith that what I’ve learned, what I’ve read – is true. When it’s something you can’t touch, you can’t see – like this Higher Power, this God I believe in – faith is seeing beyond what our eyes can see to what our soul can see.

We are all one – yes, I do believe this very deeply. Even if we have different views, even if the color of our skin is different, even if we live on complete opposite sides of the world – we are one. Deep within each of us, I believe there lives many of the same basic core values – respect, honor, commitment, love, etc. It’s not to say that we all display these core values – I believe that they are sometimes hidden, and we may not see them unless we take the time to look deep within ourselves. Yet, they are there, and that is what binds us together – what makes us one.

8. What legacy do you want to leave the world when you’re gone? For example, have you ever done the ‘write your own eulogy’ exercise to know what you want your life to be about? If you want, you can draft that eulogy right here!

A favorite quote of mine sums it up very nicely:

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children … to leave the world a better place … to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When the day comes for me to move on to greener pastures, to fly amongst the winged angels – if I have been able to have made the world better, somehow, or for some person – I will consider my time here as having been a success.

We get one shot at our life that we’re now living. We can’t go back and repeat where we’ve been, or what we’ve done. I intend to live out my days, however many or few they may be, being a light in our world.

Thank you for this interview, Lance!

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70 replies on “Interview: Lance from Jungle of Life”

Hi Jannie,

Awww, Jannie…thanks so much! And know that I consider myself the lucky one in having you as a friend.

Hi Daphne,
It’s my sincere pleasure to keep coming back here – you’ve really created a special place where I feel much warmth and caring…and those are qualities I feel not only here, but in all the places your words touch.

@ Jannie, I couldn’t agree more that Lance makes the world a better place, and so many who know him feel fortunate to be his friend. Thanks for commenting here!

@ Lance, thank you for continuing to reply to comments here. You are just awesome and so many people love you! This interview with you remains the most popular post on this site!

@Vikum – Glad you found Daphne here (she’s great!). And glad also it led you to a visit to my site!!

@Happiness Is Better – It was a lot of fun to work with Daphne on this interview! Thanks for stopping in over here!

@Audra – Hi Audra! It’s great to see you here! And…a very interesting story of just how small our world is sometimes. And, I’ll just say, Audra, it’s been a complete pleasure getting to know you these last several months – you’re amazing! So, I’m completely happy to see you here – and I know you will love Daphne’s writing – she’s awesome!!

Hi Daphne,
Well the jungle of blogging is getting really interesting and really small for me. In the past two days, I have doubled my twitter followers, by adding mostly writers and authors. When clicking through some tweets, to some blogs, to some comments, I found a blog where the only other commenter was you. So I clicked on this blog. From out of nowhere, I see that you interviewed Lance, whom I have gotten to know, strictly through blogging, in the past six months or so.
I really loved your interview with him. It answered a lot of questions that I have been wanting to ask him! You have a great blog here, and I’m adding you to my blogroll today.

Hi Audra,

Thank you for your wonderful comment, and the story of how you found this post and my blog. The world is small indeed, and the online world even smaller!

Lance was wonderful with the interview wasn’t he? And he was so honest and endearing in answering the questions I asked him. Glad you enjoyed learning more about him too.

Thanks also for adding me to your blogroll. My connection was down for 3 days so I only just popped over to your blog and love the energy and sharing of your real self and life there!


Glad you liked the interview. Doesn’t Lance get one wondering? Once you get to know him though, it’s easy to understand why he inspires such loyalty and goodwill. It’s just who he is – as you say, kind and gracious. Very giving and compassionate as well. Thanks for your comment, HIB.

Great interview!

I’ve wondered how he received so many comments as well. I know Lance has been very kind and gracious to leave comments on my blog so I am always more than happy to return the favor.

Hi Vikum,

Welcome, and I’m glad you found my blog too, and Lance’s awesome blog. Yes it’s hard to describe what Lance does over at his blog. I just know that almost everyone who goes there ends up feeling good! Thank you for your encouragement – it’s readers like you who make writing this blog worthwhile.

Hi Daphne :-),

I found your blog from a venture.But thanks to that moment I read valuable and awesome things in here.And thank you very much about this post which made me curious about Lance and helped me to find his blog which is awesome and kind of I have no words to explain.
Keep up your brilliant writings.

Hi Amy, thanks for visiting! All credit goes to Lance for answering the questions so sportingly. Yes, he is an ace at building community – he seems to know everyone and everyone knows him!

Hi Amy – Thank you!! “The Kevin Bacon of Blogging” – ha, that’s funny! There really is a lot of great content, and even more important, great people, out there in the world of blogging. It’s great to be able to connect many of them – and that include both you and Daphne!

Wow. This is a great interview! Lance has commented on my blog several times and it seems that every blogger that I have been connected with is somehow connected through Lance! He is like the Kevin Bacon of Blogging! lol… anyways, a pleasure to get to see this side of him. Thanks, Daphne, for some great dialogue!

@ BJ, thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, Lance has an amazing community over at his blog, which was what impressed me no end. And most of them have their own blogs which are wonderful in their individual ways. His site is a real treasure.

@ Lance, you’re the best for taking the time to come over here and reply to all the comments. Another reason why everyone loves you. Thank you!

Hi Mike,

Glad you liked the interview – Lance was great about answering the questions, since some of them were a little personal. Just goes to show how generous he is of himself. And I too am amazed at how he finds time to run his blog and yet be on so many others to comment and encourage. Thanks for your comment, Mike!

@Mike – Thanks so much for your kind words. And…it’s great to be able to visit so many wonderful blogs out there! It’s been especially wonderful to have been here with Daphne the last few days – thanks again Daphne!!

@BJ – My life certainly seems like a jungle some days!! And yet, it’s the journey through it that makes it worth it. Aren’t these people great!! All of them, amazing, amazing individuals! BJ, I’ve seen you around, and now I know I need to visit your site. You shine brightly – every word I’ve read shows this!

Thanks for doing the interview, Daphne. I’ve always wondered where “Jungle of Life” came from, and now I know!

Lance has such wonderful blogging friends, I’m visiting the sites of his commentors and loving what I find! Should have done this months ago.

Lance, thanks for being you. You really do shine.

Daphne, you’ve done an excellent interview here and really dug in to the root of a person to show a life with meaning and value. I continue to see Lance set this example for may visitors and readers and Lance, I’ll continue to be amazed at just how many comments you have out in the blogosphere. It’s quite overwhelming!

Loved reading more about you, great interview!

@ Lance, jog was uplifting for my spirit, and terrible for my knees! I’m glad you felt good this week, because you make others feel good so you deserve some fast-acting karma!

@ Mama Zen, so glad you visited, and liked the interview. Thank you!

@ Carla, the pleasure of the interview was all mine. I asked Lance if he would do it, held my breath, and when he said yes I also somersaulted across the room! I totally understand what you mean that he brings sunshine to the darkest of days. Thank you for bring some of your own sunshine here, it’s lovely having you Carla!

@ Squawkfox, very nice to meet you too! Love your nic, really catchy! Yes, Lance is generous in so many ways, his time included! I remain in awe.

@ Laurie, thank you for visiting, and making a difference by commenting here. Lance does have a positive effect on all of us.

@ Lance, I run and I run to keep up with all the comments and replies, and you always seem to get there before me! How DO you do so much so fast? I’m going for a jog now because of what you said on the interview – keeping up the exercise helps you with time management. Off I go to try to be like you… 🙂

Hi Daphne!

Going for a jog – that’s awesome! And…you’re doing way better than me (I’ve been slacking on exercise recently!).

Fast! I like that (my kids tell me I’m not so fast…)!!

It’s been great being here this week Daphne – thanks for shining the spotlight my way!! It’s humbling, and gratifying, reading the comments here. So…that’s why I’m here to quickly – it all feels so good!

Keep up the great work you’re doing with this amazing community you’re building here!

Thanks a million for making this week the fantastic experience it was!

@Carla – Thank you, Carla – that really means a lot to me! Life IS great – and that’s even when we’re not our best. You. Me. Everyone. Life is great because this is our one shot at it – and even though a single moment, or a single day – might be filled with problems – it’s still all we’ve got. Thanks for stopping over here and reading…

@Squawkfox – Thanks so much, Squawkfox! It’s great to have been here and have been able to share some more – Daphne really asked some great questions!

@Laurie – Thank you, Laurie! Your words are very humbling, and I am touched by what you’ve wrtitten. It’s been an honor to have spent this time here, ansering Daphne’s questions…

Another wonderful interview Lance. The light in your heart shines brighter every day. You have made a difference in many lives, including mine!

Excellent interview. It’s a pleasure getting to know Lance better. I follow his words and am always thrilled to see him share his thoughts on my site. He is generous in thought and spirit. Wonderful. It’s so nice to meet you to Daphne.

Hi Stacey, I fully agree, Lance is gifted that way. His presence always brings rays of sunshine. I’m so grateful for his presence here.

Thank you so much for this interview. Getting to know Lance and reading his posts is like someone telling me that “life is great” when I’m feeling my worst mentally and physically.

I always look forward to his new posts in my reader.

@Diane – Thanks so much, Diane! The comments to each of my children, this was difficult. It was, in the sense of wanting to say some meaningful to each of them. This question has also sparked an idea for me – a journal, of sorts – for each of my kids – where I could record thoughts through the years. Something for them to always have…

@Stacey/Create A Balance – Thanks, Stacey! And know that the feeling is mutual, and that you make me smile too. As do so many here…

@ Julie, yes I couldn’t have found someone better to interview. Glad you liked the questions; I couldn’t ask the norm because th earlier interview had asked some questions that I felt I shouldn’t repeat, for everyone’s sake. Thank you for seconding that!

@ Caroline, I loved hearing from Lance as much as you did. Just knowing a person like him is out there, and to have personal contact, is therapy for me!

@ Diane, I am sooo glad that you felt that way. I never expected such a loving community when I started blogging, and am delighted to be lifted by the tide of everyone else’s positive support in this little niche. Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll stay for a long time!

Hi Daphne and Lance…

WOW….What a uplifting post. I felt myself just rising in the joy the entire read. My smile deepening with every word. I loved the Emerson quote and your comments to each of your children so completely sweet and truly energetically filled with pure love and anticipation as their lives unfold. Thanks so much for introducing me to Daphne blog. Love it! Thanks for sharing yourself so openly!!!
Your both amazing!

@Robin – Thank you, Robin! The photo was taken while on vacation this past summer in Seattle.

@Stacey Shipman – Thanks much, Stacey. That I come across as such, and really that you notice this, is validation for me. Thank you for this…

@Julie – Well, Julie…a great big thank you to you! You are way too kind to me. About your question: Yes, I do think that feeling more at ease, or having a larger comfort zone – has helped very much. It’s helped because the more I feel I’m in a comfort zone, the more I become willing to share a little deeper. And I think it’s in those moments of deeper sharing that draws others in – because there feels like there is a connection. I’m not sure if that really answers it or make sense. It does to me, yet I can also see it being confusing (especially if your not inside of my head…who knows what goes on in there sometimes!)

@Caroline – Hey, I was just talking to Julie about getting inside my head, and then here you are talking about it too! (I read your comment earlier, and am just getting back to it – so I didn’t remember exactly what you had talked about). Anyway, this is pretty wild! Thank you, Caroline, for your wonderful words today!

@ Robin, you’re very welcome. It was a real pleasure. Thanks for dropping by! (You should see the famous photo of him with a tiara…) 😉

@ Stacey, it’s so easy to tell how many people Lance has touched by the number of comments, let alone the emails and other less public forms of communication he takes the trouble to keep up with. Thanks for your uplifting comment!

Daphne, what a wonderful interview…thank you for getting inside his head :)! Reading Lance’s blog is my therapy. It is so nice to read more about someone and see how they evolved. Bravo Lance!

@ Celes, you’re sweet as always! And you’re a great blogger too, hitting the front page of both Digg and Delicious in such a short time. I’m learning from Lance about building a community, and want to learn from you about hitting front pages! 🙂

@ Natalia, you’re so right that Lance is an inspiration. He’s right at the top of my fave list!

@ Juliet, you always bring a ray of sunshine whenever you comment. Thank you for your gentle kindness. It’s like a balm, always.

Hi, Daphne: Great choice in Lance! Also, your questions were not the norm, which made this interview even more enjoyable. Thanks so much!

Hi, Lance: Each time you share more about yourself, you show us what a truly classy guy you are. That’s why we love you so!

About your blogging evolution: Do you think your increased comfort zone has contributed to your ability to enlarge your blogging life even while managing your responsibilities?

@ Arswino, I’m glad I interviewed Lance too. And it wasn’t like I intended to do an interview and then looked around for a candidate. It was from knowing Lance and telling myself I just had to interview this amazing person!

@ Jocelyn, thanks! I’m quite proud of the header myself… worked on it for about an hour yesterday. Looks like both our blogs are getting makeovers. Yours is looking great!

@ Broderick, I know exactly how you feel. I couldn’t believe Lance was commenting on my site either, when he obviously had such a lot going on with his own blog. It just shows how giving he is. And yes, it’s an inspiration to the rest of us!

@ Cricket, thank you for your lovely comment! I agree that Lance is more than a blogger. He has extended the hand of friendship offline as well, which is so generous and trusting. His shining example truly makes this world a better place.

@Amanda – I like that question, too – about the “Jungle” – because I was only thinking of it as I saw it. So, this was a great opportunity to share what it means to me. “Be you. Share freely.” – I think that’s a good motto for life, too! Thanks, Amanda!

@Vered – Thank you, Vered. And that I inspire – hearing things like that – is what makes writing all worth it. Your words ring a sweet sound in my heart…

@Broderick – I really do appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. Giving a little bit of that back, it really is an honor to do. While it can be difficult to get everywhere I want to – it is great getting the chance to visit all of the great sites out there!

@Evelyn – Thank you, Evelyn! Well, I’m not sure I keep up!! I do try to keep up with many of the great people I’ve met online (like you!) – who are a wealth of information. On spirituality, I really do believe that an open mind is so important. It’s an area that just isn’t black and white. Hearing of other views, different or the same as mine, only strenghens that spirit connection. And that’s a very good thing…

@Cricket – They were great questions, weren’t they (although I was starting to question that as I struggled through the answers on a couple of them!!!). It has been great getting to know so many of you, too. So, Tammy, your question as to whether I have a secret? A lack of sleep and an excess of coffee! (is that a pretty sad secret???). Nothing else, that’s all I have…

@Arswino – Thank you, very much, Arswino! It’s been great getting to know so many wonderful people – the world is indeed a place filled with much love!!

@Jocelyn – Daphne did awesome!!

@Celes – Thank you, Celes! And thanks, as well, for all your nice words here today!

@Natalia – Thank you, Natalia – that really means a lot to me!

@Juliet – Daphne, being herself…wonderful! Like I mentioned earlier, I have a crazy sleep schedule, and I drink entirely too much coffee… And I squeeze this in wherever I can find some time… The anonymity part – the warm reception I’ve received in the blogging world the last several months made this so easy – with supportive people (like you Juliet), I really want to come out and be “me”.

Thank you everyone for visiting, and welcome!

@ Jay, thanks! I had to scratch my head for questions because of the recent earlier interview that I didn’t want to repeat!

@ Brandi, glad you like the site! I like your phrase: ‘reveler in joy’. That is cool.

@ Jennifer, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one Lance has touched. Isn’t it amazing that despite his many friends, he makes each one feel special? It’s truly a gift.

@ Marelisa, I’m going to Momgrind to check out that photo of Lance right now! Yes, I think we all change online eventually and it’s wonderful to be part of another person’s blog and witness that evolution.

@ Tess, thank you for your kind words. The Joy of Appreciative Living is going on my reading list right now!

@ Maya, glad you found the pace good. It’s interesting the Lance’s blog stops time for you – the things that do so are usually things of beauty, and the thoughts on his blog are really beautiful ones. I’m glad he shared some of that here.

@ Mark, thank you! Lance’s blogs is one of my favourites too! Especially that Sunday quote…

@ Lance, ha ha, you did all the work answering the questions. All credit goes to you!

@ Amanda, glad you liked the question. I was curious to find out too, and thought the interview was a good time to ask!

@ Vered, I can identify with reading rather than scanning. It’s the difference between writing that touches your head and writing that touches your heart. Lance’s blog clearly belongs in the second group.

Hi Daphne

Great questions! Some humour, really interesting and of course…you

Hi Lance

I must admit your time management skills amaze me. I always wonder how on earth you get to make so many comments – let alone the rest of blogging “tasks”.

I’m glad you came out from behind your anonymity. We would all have missed out on a great deal if we had not had a chance to get to know you.


Hi Daphne/Lance, thanks for doing the interview! 🙂 Both of you are great bloggers and I’m a subscriber of both your blogs. What I love about both of you is how you take time out to reciprocrate a comment, regardless of how busy you may be. Great interview! 🙂

Hi Daphne, you made a right choice to interview Lance. He is truly an inspiring person for most bloggers I think.
I like when you asked “How do you find time to not only write for your own blog but communicate at such depth with so many other bloggers?”
Lance is very discipline on his time indeed.
Thank you for carried out the interview, Daphne.

Hi Daphne,

What a great person to ask such wonderful questions.

Oh Lance, you are so much more to most of us. More than a blogger. You have managed to build a friendship with most of us outside of the blog world. That is what truly makes you so special.

I have enjoyed getting to know you a little bit more through this interview. I still have to wonder how you manage all that you have going on it life. I know you answered the question but there has got to be a secret that you are not sharing.

Awesome interview!!! It really sums up of what I know about Lance. I’ve always been amazed how he has much energy to keep up with everything on the web, despite having a family with 3 kids and a job.

I am also happy that he adopts an open mind when it comes to spirituality. He listens with his heart and connects at a deep level with his friends. I can totally believe his offer of assistance to you, when you are just starting out.

Lance is amazing, isn’t he? One of my very favorite bloggers too!!

Wow…That’s an eye-opening interview. When I first saw Lance comment on my blog I was like “No way. This guy that gets an incredible amount of feedback on his blog is commenting on my blog?” That really inspired me to want to show some consideration to a lot of other people. Great interview!

@Daphne – We’re telepathic? Maybe!! Or maybe we’re just sending vibes out between each other today! And your welcome Daphne. Really, though, it’s thanks to you that this happened – you did an awesome job with it all!!

@Jay – I have to agree, Jay, the questions weren’t boring (although when I was answering them I did secretly wish for one or two that might have been!! They made me really think deeply…).

@Brandi – I’m glad you’re here, too, Brandi! And I’ll agree with that statement – you are a reveler of joy!!

@Jennifer – This just simply leaves me speechless, Jennifer. Really, your words touch me deeply… Thank you. For everything.

@Marelisa – Hi Mare! Ha, ha, ha!! You’re the one who started that whole thing! And that is an interesting observation – I start out anonymous, and end up putting up a picture of me with a dress and tiara. That’s going from one extreme to the other! (I think I was delirious the day of the dress picture…). Thanks for stopping over here, Mare (I think!!).

@Tess – Thank you, Tess! Daphne’s questions really led to a real open-ness. So, now I’m going to have to check out that book – I’m intrigued!

@Maya – Hi Maya! And thank you, very much, for your words today. It’s comments like this that really tell me I’m doing what I should be.

@Mark – Thank you very much – that means a lot to me!!

Hi Daphne and Lance!

What a wonderfully paced interview – it seemed that way to me atleast 🙂

I love Lance and his blog because his words always stop time for me. I slow down and take some time off – and it always feels good!


Gosh, I can’t believe you and I posted our replies to comments at practically the same second! I hit submit and next thing I know your replies are right there too. Maybe the interview made us telepathic? 🙂 I would be so lucky…

You made this interview so easy for me by “being you” – helpful and encouraging all the way. I owe you lots. And I love the way you publicised the interview on your blog – right up to the choice of photo you used. Just looking at it made me feel happy!

Thank you once again for allowing me to bring your shining personality here. And yes, I had such a good experience with your interview that I may dare to do some more!

Thank you, Lance.

@ Ryan, thanks for kicking off the comments on this post. Lance does make a person feel good, I can totally understand what you mean by that! By the way, I found your blog and gravatar very creative! Love the design of both.

@ Giovanna, “spirit, faith and love” are excellent words to describe Lance. I’m glad you liked the interview. It’s the first one I’ve done so I wasn’t sure if my technique was making it difficult for Lance, but I like your motto: an imperfect attempt is better than no attempt, right? Great motto, Giovanna!

@ Davina, those Sunday Quotes on Lance’s blog was what blew my mind, because as you said it really brought out the community he has built around his blog. Thank you for adding Joyful Days to your reading list!

@ CG, I agree that I couldn’t have found a better person for my first interview – a kind, compassionate and helpful person who would not only make it easy for me, but encourage me all the way. Thank you for the blessings!

@ Patrick, it’s wonderful to get to know the real people behind the words huh? I couldn’t agree more with that. Thanks for the suggestions to do more interviews, my mind has shifted into gear thinking about that already!

Hi Daphne, hi Lance: It’s interesting that Lance wanted to remain anonymous when he first started blogging, while a couple of weeks ago he posted a hilarious picture on his blog of himself wearing a tiara, and a skirt, and holding up a lipstick in response to comments made when he won a contest over at Momgrind (goodhearted comments, of course). It certainly does show an evolution 🙂 And it’s always great to learn more about Lance.

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children … to leave the world a better place … to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only problem with this quote connected to Lance is that there have been MANY more than just one life that has breathed easier because he has lived. He spreads his joy all over the place. So Daphne, he fits very well at your joyful blog. Thanks for interviewing him so we could all know him even better.

Thank you Lance for making the world a better place and for sharing yourself with us through this interview!

It was a pleasure to get to know you a little more Lance. Thanks Daphne for this interview and for not asking the boring questions, but getting right at the heart of being.

@Ryan – Thanks Ryan! Daphne did an awesome job coming up with some great questions, didn’t she!

@Giovanna – Daphne did great, she really made me think on all these questions. That spirit, faith, and love come through – thank you – those are words that make what I write worth it!

@Davina – Hi Davina! Yes, we’ve “known” each other for a long time, at least in term of blogging history! I’m glad to hear you like the Sunday quotes – it’s been fun doing them! Thank you for all the support these last several months – I appreciate it all very much!

@C.G. Walters – Thank you!

@Very Evolved – That you think I’m “cool” — that’s very awesome! Wow! I’m feeling way good right now! And I’ll second what Patrick is saying here, Daphne – this would be a great regular series to do!

First off, Daphne, thanks so much for this opportunity! I very much enjoy my visits here, and to be featured here today – is completely awesome! It will indeed be a great day today, and that’s because of you! This was fun and challenging for me, at the same time. And I come out of it really knowing more about myself – and that’s pretty cool I think. So, you did well Daphne – very well! Thanks again for having me!

Hi Daphne. This was a wonderful interview with Lance. I’ve been reading his blog regularly since I started blogging last June. The Jungle of Life is everything but a typical Jungle. He really has built a comfortable community. I look forward to his Sunday Quotes.

Thanks for sharing this interview Daphne. Now I have found another blog to add to my list of reading.

Hi Daphne
I have been following Lance’s blog, and I had a feeling in my head of what Lance is like. Daphne your interview just showed me that Lance is what I thought and even more. I love that he is a man of spirit, faith, and love.
PS thanks for sharing the meaning of Jungle of life!
Great job on a fantastic interview 🙂

Thank you,
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Every time I read a comment by Lance I’m impressed. He’s always complimenting the author and giving sincere advice. Great interview–it’s good to know more about the man behind the awesome comments!

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