Joyful Days Awarded as a Top 50 Wellness Guru

It seems I am some kind of wellness guru now.  At least I have a badge and award that says I am, courtesy of eCollegeFinder. A big thank you to all my readers. Here is the official press release.

Wellness Guru Award

October 21, 2010 – Philadelphia, PA – Joyful Days has recently been awarded the Top 50 Wellness Gurus Award.  This recognizes the top resources providing support and advice for college student’s mental, emotional and physical health. Joyful Days has shown its commitment to teaching students a few things about improving their overall lifestyle.

The Wellness Guru Award commends Joyful Days for students of all ages. It guides them to lead a happier, healthier and more balanced life.  



I’m happy to see that two of my blogging friends have also been given this award: Evelyn at Abundance Tapestry, and Lance at Jungle of Life. Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project, a writer whom I admire from afar, is also a recipient. I’m honoured to be in the Top 50 along with her.

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11 replies on “Joyful Days Awarded as a Top 50 Wellness Guru”

So good to be here today!! And you know what…your site (and YOU!!) have always been all sorts of awesome!! So – very cool that you received…because it fits you so well!!

And…well…it’s pretty awesome to be there with you on this…

You are AMAZING!!!!

@ Tamsin,

I just saw your comment and realised yours was the first! You were there for me right from the start, and I’m ever so grateful Tamsin!

@ BeauLotus,

Thanks so much. Sometimes I wish I had chosen an online name as lovely as Beau Lotus 🙂

@ Dani, thanks for being here!

@ Hilary, you’re such a brick. Thanks for your constant support.

@ Corinne, congratulations right back at you and thanks for adding me. I’m off to read your blog now!

Hi Daphne

Big congratulations on your award! It seems a long time ago now since you first started Joyful Days and I’m thrilled it’s gone from strength to strength, really well deserved.

I do hope life is going great with you and have a lovely weekend.

All the very best


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