Your Personality Type: What Christmas Reveals

Our personalities can be clearly seen during the month-long activities surrounding Christmas. Observe yourself and others, and see what you can learn about your personality type.

4 personality types:

1) Choleric

Cholerics are strong-minded souls who know exactly what they want. They are also are determined to do things their way. You are probably choleric if you take over organising the family get-together because the others just aren’t doing a good job of it.

Choleric strengths

A choleric is a natural leader and good to have around because you assume responsibility and take charge to make sure things happen. You are a go-getter and self-motivated.

Choleric weaknesses

Cholerics often come across as bossy, because you like to tell others what to do. You may write off others’ ideas too quickly because you think you know best. You are also blind to the fact that sometimes you may be wrong.

2) Melancholic

Melancholics are perfectionists who must have everything done just right. You may be a melancholy if you spend weeks or months planning the Christmas party and get upset if things don’t go exactly to plan. Everything must be just right and so you spend hours preparing the house for guests.

Melancholic strengths

You take care of all the details that everyone else doesn’t notice or care about. Unlike others, you can see how things fit together and understand how changes in one area affect other aspects.

Melancholic weaknesses

You drive others up the wall by insisting that things be done precisely a certain way. You may also spend a lot of time brooding when things don’t go right.

3) Sanguine

Sanguines love to have fun and are the life of the party. You are probably sanguine person if you think Christmas is a reason to have as many parties as possible. The kids flock around you because they know you will entertain them with stories, jokes and tricks.

Sanguine strengths

You are great fun to be around and provide lots of laughs. When things get tense, you lighten up the mood and help others to relax. You inject life into otherwise serious and boring discussions.

Sanguine weaknesses

Since you love the sound of your own voice, you may not understand why others get bored after listening to you for a while. In your anxiety to provide entertainment, you think nothing of exaggerating or stretching the truth a little.

4) Phlegmatic

Phlegmatics are the peace-makers who are happy when everyone else is happy. You are probably a phlegmatic if you hate it when others argue, and consider a party successful if everyone is getting along even if they all forgot you were there.

Phlegmatic strengths

When there is a disagreement, you promote reconciliation. You are a good teamplayer because you get along with everyone else. You make no demands on others and let them be themselves.

Phlegmatic weaknesses

Some consider you lazy because you seldom initiate any activity and have to be prodded before you act. For the sake of avoiding conflict, you sometimes let important issues get swept under the carpet.

What is your personality type?

Cholerics make things happen, melancholics take care of the details so things run smoothly, sanguines make the whole process fun, and phlegmatics make sure the other three don’t strangle each other.

Since there are four personality types, you can assume that three-quarters of the world is very different from you. Instead of feeling frustrated that others don’t think or behave the way you do, be grateful that you all bring different personal strengths to the table.

If you’d like to understand your personality type in more detail, get the book here: Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself.

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8 replies on “Your Personality Type: What Christmas Reveals”

@ Lance, all I can say is… muah!

@ Celes, the book has a list of questions to help you figure out your personality type. Choleric-phlegmatic is an unusual blend, and the book has something to say about that too! Well worth a read if you find this interesting.

Thanks, Tess @ The Bold Life. Glad to hear you have peace – that is surely one of the best gifts life can offer.

Have a wonderful Christmas yourself!

@ Juliet, thanks for dropping by! And yes, sometimes the hardest gift to give is generosity of spirit, kind thoughts etc. 🙂

@ Lance, it was quite a revelation to read the book and realise that all these people are just wired differently from me and weren’t out to deliberately annoy me! 😉

No, I’m not the winner because this wasn’t the competition post – couldn’t figure out what to write for that. Anyway, you’re too nice to compete with!

Yes, please do try it with your kids, especially the love languages. Gary Chapman wrote a sequel about how to love kids in their own love languages.

You have a blessed Christmas too, Lance!

Hi Daphne,
So, it’s these personalities at work that get things stirred up at the holidays!! I’m going to try this, at least with my kids – to understand their needs better.

And…you’re the winner – very nice post!

Have a very wonderful Christmas Daphne!

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