Make A Bold Choice To Live In Joy

This is a guest post by Tess of The Bold Life. Tess is an amazing lady who challenges her readers to be more, give more, and live in joy.

Be joyful within yourself

I feel joy when I give and receive love. I am often more comfortable when I give than when I receive. Yet receiving allows me an opportunity to allow another to express joy.ย  To live in joy is to have the ability to receive love, attention, friendship, support and other gifts graciously.

I feel joy when my husband and I play the gratitude game. We usually do this on walks. One of us starts with what we’re thankful for and we take turns. The only rule is you can’t repeat what you’ve already said.

I feel joy when I can accept myself just as I am in this moment. Comparing ourselves with others destroys self acceptance and joy. We are each beautiful and one of a kind. We have the right to be different and think differently than others.

Live in joy with others

I feel joy when I spend time with my adult children. They are fun, loving and giving and intelligent people. Their beauty inside and out touches me and fills my soul.

I am joyful when I spend time with my grandchildren. I donโ€™t know what is stronger the sense of joy or bliss I feel when they are with me. It truly is every parentโ€™s greatest gift. They delight me, love me, thrill me and amaze me. Our love for each other is the closest Iโ€™ve come to unconditional love.

I’m joyful when I’m with friends. Spending time with my friends gives us the chance to bring out the best in each other. Choose your friends wisely. Ask yourself, “Does this relationship honor me? Give yourself permission to avoid being around anyone who doesn’t honor and respect you. The type of friend you are to yourself is the type of friends you will attract into your life.

Live in joy through activities

When I volunteer I feel joyful. I went to Mississippi for a week after hurricane Katrina and had one of the most joyful times of my life. I came home feeling like I didn’t have any problems, only minor inconveniences. I’ve also volunteered in prisons in Michigan, orphanages in Guadalajara Mexico and schools in Brownsville, Texas.

Joy fills me when I spend time outdoors. I am a runner and love that I can run with the wind at my back and the sun on my face. I can drive my car anywhere put on my shoes and go for miles. My body loves me for it. The challenge, the smells, the dessert animals, and the views are all breathtaking.

I discover joy in every day moments, when someone offers me a smile, seeing my husbands face sitting across from me at the dinner table, the squish of a sweet cherry tomatoes in my mouth, the smell of a squeaky clean grandchild.

Make a bold choice today to live in joy

If you want to increase your joy, be willing to open your heart and look for the good in your life to increase your sense of aliveness. Joy is limitless and a gift that keeps on giving. Ask yourself each day, “What one thing can I do specifically that will bring me joy today?”

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41 replies on “Make A Bold Choice To Live In Joy”

I found your site while browsing on google and read a few of your other articles too. I’ve just added you to my yahoo rss Reader. Just wanted to say” keep up the good work” and congrats on a job well done! I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for saying hi, and I’m glad you like the site! I like your gardening site too, and wish I had a garden and the climate to have beautiful flowering plants. That’s what I miss most about England. Here the tropical climate supports different kinds of plants.

I’m reading this on Sunday, the day after Valentine’s Day. My husband spent most of yesterday out of town so we didn’t plan on going out for dinner or anything like that. We spent time together the night before. He came home earlier last night after telling me he would be late. We still didn’t go out because of the crowds of other Valentine celebrations going on. Instead we spent the night laughing and talking to each other. The older I get the more precious laughter with a loved one becomes.

Even though my husband left before I was up yesterday morning, I found a Valentine’s Day card sitting in front of the coffee pot when I got up. Isn’t that a sweet way to start the day. I have been blessed to have such a fantastic and caring man in my life.

Thanks Tess for your wonderful article. I am going to print it out to send to those that don’t have emails and send it to all of my family and friends who do have emails. Giving and receiving love and gratitude is a wonderful way to spend 2009.

@ Patricia, I loved your sharing of your husband leaving a card in front of the coffee pot. You’re right that it’s the little things that build a relationship. He’s definitely a blessing in your life!

And I’m so happy that you’re going to share this article with your family and friends. Tess’ sharing from her heart is touching so many people, it’s wonderful!

@ Evelyn, I was really impressed at the title and topic Tess chose – it’s indeed a perfect blend of her bold life and my joyful days! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine, Evelyn.

Hi Tess…

Nice to meet you! Thank you for this gift of words…I am at this moment incandescent with joy as you have inspired me to pause, be grateful and feel joy!

Hi Daphne…

You are such a conduit to all that is joyful…your words ring out and always touch me!

Thank you both for an inspiring post! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Daphne I love your new layout! It’s rockin’ cool!:~)

@Henie, I’m so glad you like the new layout. From a person with such an eye for design like yourself, it means a lot to me. Your kind words are as always much appreciated! Thank you, Henie.

Hi Tess, I love your post. Why? Because I felt joyful as well when I read your article. Your story looks alive to me.
Thanks for sharing with us, Tess.

Daphne, thank you too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Daphne – What a wonderful choice you have here for a guest post!

Hi Tess – It’s great to see you here! I love the joy that emanates from this writing! You’ve really shown how joy is around us often – and we just have to realize that sometimes!

For today, what will bring me joy? I’m running a basketball tournament in just a couple of hours – and the joy will be in being fully “there” for all the kids as they come and go throughout the day – for making their experience at our school one that is memorable and lasting.

Have a great weekend – Daphne and Tess – filled with much joy in each of your lives!

@Lance, I am blessed to have Tess guest posting here. And to have you as a friend and reader. And those boys are blessed to have you as a coach at their basketball game! I can already see all the smiles and laughs at your session later. Have fun, Lance. And happy Valentine’s!

@Giovanna, I can tell you have a lot of joy in your life. You’ve had a very full life too, sounds like! And you do make a difference – I’ve learnt a lot from you already, like the importance of perseverance and imperfect action!

Hi Tess and Daphne – I think I feel joy when I simply allow myself to feel it. I can bring it on deliberately, or it’s just there anyway, or anything where I am “in the flow” brings me joy – for me it would be things like going for walks, and having conversations I am enjoying.

@Robin, you’re so right that joy is there in us anyway, as long as we don’t get in our own way of feeling it! I love walks too… you’ve just reminded me to get out and take walks more. Thanks!

I’m sure you’re having a great weekend. Happy Valentines’Day with your family!

I know you walk your talk. Enjoy your dance lessons you deserve it!

Gratitude is joy isn’t it? I don’t think it ever fails us!

I’m happy you enjoyed my post. That’s a big compliment coming from a writer like you!

I so appreciate you having me as your guest. Let me know if I can help you in any way in the future.

Tess, that was wonderful! You’ve just described joy/bliss as a way of life, in action!

It’s the accumulation of all those moments and observations that create life, and how we look at each of our moments determines the shape and feeling of our lives. You’ve shared the secret here: “…look for the good in your life to increase your sense of aliveness.” Thank you!

Daphne, thank you for showcasing Tess, today. We’re all better for it!

Julie, Tess was just wonderful wasn’t she? Joy as a way of life is indeed a choice and she’s shown us all how to do it.

If we follow Tess’ example and count each little moment of joy, we’d realise how ‘alive’ we really are. Thanks for your lovely comment, Julie!

What a feel good post from Tess. I really enjoyed this.

What one thing can I do today? Take a moment (which I just did) to reflect on all my blessings. How wonderful! What joy!

I agree with you Jennifer, Tess’ post just made me more and more joyful as I read on. It’s the simple things like looking at her husband across the table…

Glad you took a second to reflect on all your blessings… I need to get back to that as a daily practice!

My family brings me great joy, too. This week I took some time off to spend with my niece and nephew. And tonight my husband and I have dance lessons – another source of great joy! Moments I will never regret!

I try to fill my days with activities that bring me joy – whether personal or professional.
Makes for a very fulfilling day.


Dance lessons sound so romantic! Especially on the eve of Valentine’s Day. I have two little nephews and can understand how you feel about your niece and nephew. They are literally joy on feet! Even when they’re naughty… ๐Ÿ™‚

I like your point about finding joy professionally as well. Thanks for that reminder.

Hey Alik,

Good on you! I’m actually hoping you won’t see this reply until Monday after a glorious weekend with your family! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy for you and Tess who obviously find so much joy with your families. That’s wonderful!

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