Your Window To Life: Keeping It Open

I was working next to an open window when suddenly a beautiful flower landed on my keyboard. I smiled at the unexpected gift that life had blown in through the window. Then I realised that I had to keep my window to life open if I wanted more blessings to enter.

How to keep your window to life open

1. Be open to people entering your life

There are billions of people on this planet and in your lifetime you will meet only fraction of them. Every single person who crosses your path does so for a reason. Perhaps they have a life story that inspires you, or offer you an opportunity. Maybe they were sent just to put a smile on your face that day.

If you have a sanguine personality and love interacting with people, this is easy for you. The rest of us have to put in more effort to connect with others. I personally prefer to bury myself in a good book than make the effort to socialise. Yet my life has been enriched by many chance encounters with people on planes, at cafes etc. And it usually starts with a simple smile that sometimes leads to more.

2. Have an open schedule

I’m all in favour of planning ahead and making full use of each day. But an overly packed schedule leaves little room for anything else. Try blocking off 30 minutes a week for a ‘random event’. Leave this slot blank until the day itself. Do anything you feel in the mood for that day, or just relax and savour life for a while.

If your schedule is simply too packed for this, you can reclaim pockets of time that allow you to be open to life’s random events.

3. Open your purse / wallet

When you give freely of your time and money, you create space in your mind and heart. By giving away your time and money, you send a message to your mind that you have more than enough. This abundance mentality will do wonders for you and bring good things into your life.

4. Keep your mind open

Our tendency is to resist new ideas because they challenge our sense of who we are, or force us to change the way we live. But old cells have to die so that newer, healthier cells can take their place to rejuvenate our bodies. In the same way, you have to die to some of your old ideas and habits. Then, you can develop new ways of thinking to broaden your perspective and deepen your heart.

The next time you come across a new idea, suspend judgment. Just accept it as an interesting thought and promise yourself to think about it. By doing this, you open yourself to new ideas and new friendships.

Open your window to life today

Decide that from now on, you will be open to something new in your life. New people, events, or thoughts… embrace them all. May the winds of life blow countless joys your way!

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Hi Vincent,

I completely agree. And not just opportunities, but personal growth too. I liked your latest post on how to be happy, especially the cartoons – funny and to the point!


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